>Linden Lab Shake It Up.

>In an effort to convince the world that Second Life is a great place for intellectuals, artists and builders alike, Linden Lab today makes it possible for your thighs to wobble as much in SL as they might do in RL.

“We figured you don’t really need Chat or Search if you have great tits” said a spokesman.

Anticipating an influx of noobs with boobs the Welcome Areas were awash with thugs, as usual, and bloggers waiting to get this fresh flesh as it arrived.

Said one noob “now I have real boobs I will stay here forever and spend loads of money”, so that just goes to show… the Lab was right.

Nipple manufacturers, however, were not happy bunnies…” This is another business LL has wrecked” said one. [prim nipples won’t stay in the right place from now on].

Both concurrency, the economy, and and lag are expected to now improve, and the Labs share price took a bounce today as market sentiment greeted this latest technological innovation.

A Wall Street analyst put it this way..”well, it seems like the Boys have taken the technological lead again, no more second place for Second Life. This is a game-changer.”

Both the MarketPlace and transactions were off-line today for a few hours, after the latest rolling restart, while the tech guys played with their tits, an insider told me…..

….and I guess a boob joke is in order….

…but I really can’t be bothered.



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10 responses to “>Linden Lab Shake It Up.

  1. >Perhaps we should announce our plastic surgery clinic opening "reel soon" in order to help those afflicted with virtual stretch marks and sagging breasts from bobbing so freely for several months… also, stock prices have zoomed for inworld brassiere manufacturers. A win-win situation!

  2. >Alex wondered about jock straps for men too…..

  3. >/me looks around… but what if I came to SL so my butt didnt wobble? Sheesh, leave stuff alone!How about free scuba gear so my sim crossings will allow me to breath under Linden water, is that just too much to ask?

  4. >"Both the MarketPlace and transactions were off-line today for a few hours, after the latest rolling restart, while the tech guys played with their tits, an insider told me….."I literally Spat on my screen! …@Rodvik the man that brought bouncing Norgs and flabby arse's to Second Life!

  5. >@ brinda…. yep, I had no complaints about my firm buttocks.@ Paisley … yep, after Voice Morphing it was first on someone's list I guess.

  6. >dying laughing .. seriously .. dead … tooo funny

  7. >I wonder if I dare to log in as my female alt Apmelina now? I already close my eyes when she dresses…

  8. >Now, now folks. Linden Lab has to pay attention to what's important for the survival of their virutal world. That means staying abreast of what customers want and minding the bottom line…:PBut look on the bright side! Lots of body-builder male avatars (isn't that about 75% of SL males?) will suddenly have man-boobs.Being guys, they'll be too busy looking at the women to see that their own pecs are jiggling.

  9. >@ Iggy…. "bottom line"….excellent!

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