>Meeroo’s warning and general blog stuff…


Well, I had a dance last night to celebrate Alizarin‘s rezzday in InWorldz, which will be followed in quick succession by quite a few others I know…. now, it’s probably right to say that Aliz took a bit of convincing in the beginning to try Iwz, but, after a while it all started to vome right and she now loves building here… I can’t help thinking that Chestnut will come round after her initial problems, I know that for me, my fps is far higher in IWz than in SL, and altho there are rumours that Search will at last be fixed (I’ll believe it when I see it… two years after they broke it)….SL has been behaving like crap the last week plus.

The chat at Aliz’s rezzday, which Jeri kindly threw for her and where DJ Megan Cline was pumping out the tunes…..was…yes, Phlox, the new script engine which has been developed for InWorldz…. the whole grid was buzzing about it.

Now….this bit of film is enough to get builders interested….

…. more so than the ‘news’ that builders have been given permission to use megas at the LEA sandbox…ha!!…big deal…

see below….

16,000 prims on my little sim in InWorldz so far, all are megas, (some big)…all potential megas, I should say…. more than a thousand active scripts…. so I call BS on this idea that megas cause lag.

Giving builders ‘permission’ to use megas on the LEA sandbox was necessary or the place would be empty….. it’s no big deal, what is needed is for LL to sort their brains out. Their’s is the ONLY grid where megas are seen as a problem. There is some brain malfunction going on here…. time to sort yourselves out Boys.

…oh…and Meeroo’s have arrived, The Next Big Thing…that is, for people who haven’t had bunnies or horses or chickens… I did a blog about the breedables addiction as I had two good friends who got addicted, and very poor in the process…..

…. the sad tale of an avatar who has sunk into addiction can be found ….here… almost exactly a year ago….

Nothing changes, just new people getting conned in the same old ways..

… hope you have deep pockets if you fall for fluffiness…

More tomorrow..




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4 responses to “>Meeroo’s warning and general blog stuff…

  1. >6000 prims?? *faints*no Meeroos! i prefer my cuddly rl dogs <3Huggsss and have a frappy hiday tomorrow! =)

  2. >Ok, Meeroos, my questions are:1. Are they tasty?2. Do they blend?

  3. >I thought megas only lagged if set physical?I do see them listed as "potential collisions" in estate debug settings, I'm told that has to do with footsteps seem as collisions. I have zero problems with then at Benares.Years ago I read that The Benevolent Monarchy didn't want then because of prim overhang/parcels. (Can't return them because centerline determining location wouldn't be on your land.Sounds like another of those things. "cause that's how we always did it".

  4. >Megaprims don't cause lag. Avatars do.Prim overhangs are caused by irresponsible avatars.

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