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>Dear Reader,

One of my regular readers has had trouble with these pages. He says that when he opens the blog it takes ages before he can scroll down the page.

Obviously I would like to hear if anyone else is having the same trouble, if it’s geographical, or browser based…

Comments on the functioning of Blogger, and these pages in particular, are always welcome.




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23 responses to “>This Blog….

  1. >Not having any issues, using latest version of Chrome

  2. >ok…thanks I have two people with IE and Firefox who have trouble scrolling down, but…not everyone with IE has a prob.I might have too many gadgets in the sidebar….. but most people aren't effected…strange.

  3. >I must say I have problems with scrolling on the page (and it seems to be the only blog i have this problem with).It didnt use to be like that but I started noticing 3 or so months ago.It pauses at times and gets 'stuck' and then starts again allowing me to scroll

  4. >soror. I tested on the same computer. seems to be a problem on IE and not so much on firefox

  5. >I'm running Firefox 3.6.17 and have never had any problems with your blog. Always fast loading. I'm in Northern California.

  6. >Tested again using IE 6.0 and it's waaaaay laggy.

  7. >yeah soror must be some thing that was added to the blog behind the scenes…. it can't be just 'load' or things you have put into blog poststhe uwa blog has a gazillion embedded machinima etc, and works ok on the same IE browser

  8. >I'm in Firefox 4.0.1, the latest Chrome 11.0.xxx and IE 9.0.8xxx FF & Chrome load almost instantly via my comcast connection in Oregon. IE is a slow as a slug loading… hung, would start to scroll, hang again… it looks like it is hanging on the sidebar content… even when it appears loaded, the scroll bar is very sticky and delayed acting.

  9. >hehe.. ok, I'll admit now to being the one who complained to soror about it :)

  10. >I use Chrome, works so great.IE 9 is pretty slow to load a lot of pages. If you have IE 8, keep it!

  11. >OK…well, lets see if that helps.I could imagine it may be Google Translate, or, possibly Twitter Gadget. I will add them back one at a time and we can see…thanks a lot for your feedback.If you have opinions on the sidebar gadgets, I am very happy to hear them.

  12. >Have taken off google analytics also…:))

  13. >works fine now on IE without lag

  14. >HA! Google-analytics! I had so much trouble with this on numerous web pages I actually made a HOSTS entry to point it to my own machine ( ages ago and it sped MANY things up. I have seen it hang repeatedly, in many situations. I don't know what's wrong with it but it hangs things up for me constantly (or did until I nerfed it)

  15. >OK…so now I''ll start reloading stuff…..maybe we can find the culprit….

  16. >@Miso… great, thanks thats great feedback, I can live without Google analytics as I use Statcounter. We'll see how the Translate gizmo works and move on from there.The translate option is probably the most really useful thing I have in my sidebar, the rest is just general entertainment.

  17. >No probs. Im on the beach with my iPhone ;)

  18. >hmm…as usual I was outta da mess :-)IE 7 and I never has a problem. (wish everything else in all my lives was like that!)

  19. Jim

    >Firefox 4.01, no trouble at all, speedy even. However I have noticed trouble with many sites using Safari on my iPhone 4, problems that appear to be related to the time it takes Safari to format either complex pages, or pages with certain elements (I'm thinking processor-limited reformatting). Your blog is one of the simplest layouts around though. There's a good chance the problem is this user's connection.

  20. >Well, that is all interesting feedback, thanks. 1) it seems that eliminating some stuff has helped.2) I had failed to realise people access these pages on their phone…so…my new motto "keep it simple, stoopid!"…Content is more important than gizmos.:))

  21. >Yes soror and besides, if people want a monstrous, horse-choking mess of babble they will come to my pages :Dgoogle-analytics is my guess. I had also thought it a kind of stat counter but I had a lot of trouble at one time surfing, enough to open a window and watch what was fetching. The most common and frequent hangup involved google-analytics.In case someone didn't understand my last comment (or are on a mac), HOSTS is a file in Windows (or *nix*) that you can enter domains in and point that address to your own machine, skipping a FETCH command. It is quite helpful in eliminating spam and many problems of the sort G-A gave me; in effect, a HOSTS entry pointed back at your own machine says, "skip this step."You can Google for info about the HOSTS file in Windows or its equivalent in *nix/Mac.

  22. >Thanks Miso, I learn something new, often…:)))

  23. >Not having any issues Soror. I've dumped IE and began using Chrome.

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