>A recent post by Lalo had me rummaging in my files for this photo which I make no apology for publishing again… seems like someone said there are too many humans in SL…

Well, rather than repeat the 1000 avatar project I just pulled out some old snaps while searching for the one above which is of Betty and I…

Now…some of them I don’t even know the names of…but there’s a fair Biodiversity in my past 4 years…

Some humans, yes, ‘but not as we know it’….and I know I have missed out some gems, and some beautiful humans, but I don’t have photos of everyone I met… so, if you aren’t here….sorry…

I distinctly remember a hippo joining in on a building class I was in, Glyph as squid, Madcow, Jedda, well … the list could get long…

…and a few nostalgic bits too…




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5 responses to “>Biodiversity

  1. >That grey stripey cat looks familiar… ;)…and so do some others. Thanks for (re)posting these!

  2. >Yep, the feline you is quite recognisable.

  3. >aww i know i am human-looking… but you only have to listen to me for 2 minutes to know how deceptive that is :D

  4. >Nothing wrong with humans ……. some of my best friends are human.

  5. >I like the elf avatars. One of my best SL friends is a micro fox. He's so cute! LOL.Great pics, soror!

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