>Two Years inworldz

>Yes, I first opened an account InWorldz on the 10th of July 2009… and as I was very busy at the time with shows in SL and finishing off my RL tree I didn’t get around to de-Ruthing properly until August when I built my first tree outside SL..

…and marked the occasion with a post marking the historic occasion… here… then I got the bit between my teeth and by 1st September had the startings of a forest….here.… hosted by the instigator of my move, Scotsgreymouser Janus, or Mouser for short.

This is Mouser, I remember she just sold her sim in SL and moved as soon as she heard Elenia had started a grid… and she said how much they needed trees and flowers in this brave new world……and nagged me over…luckily.

Now, two years later I no longer look like a bag woman as I have loads of shops to haunt… (it was difficult to get good hair and shoes in the very beginning..) … and a better taste in skins, it seems…lol.

Anyway….hosted by Aliz we had a sushi party to celebrate the day and gathered at Aliz’s new build which should open shortly, we hope, for light conversation before a lot of dancing…

I met Ahuva there, tho all the others were people I have known quite a while now..

Aliz who I have known for years and who was a wonderful host, the sushi was amazing…

Juanita of Treeline fame (and brill artist in her own right)… and friend

Lalo (great blogger) who is a complete convert to Iwz and has discovered the joy of building… we first met in ‘comments’..

Miso, a fabulously creative artist and good friend…

Nur, scripter, good friend and v classy lady

Scottius, otterly amazing artist and coolest of dudes.

Wizzy, my sis, and geowizardly genius.

…and Zauber, bug exterminator, builder and my first neighbour in Iwz…

….and if I forgot anyone, I know I am dead…. many thanks also to those who sent their best wishes etc… a very cool night for me, thanks.. (big grins)…

So, now for the next two years…..




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4 responses to “>Two Years inworldz

  1. >BIG WARM CONGRATULATIONS!! And congrats to inworldz! im so happy to have you here =) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. >Congrats from an SL outworlder :))

  3. >Thanks Mera and Apmel, it's a great grid to be a part of…

  4. >It was a fine time – especially the conversation! Great photos, too. Continued growth and success in your third year in IWz! :)

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