>Nyx, Elvenfolk and InWorldz


Nyx Breen, along with Caren McCaw were both subject of an article in last month’s Allure magazine which I posted here already. The article focused on the Steampunk sim “Courage”. High in the sky over this build, however, is an amazing collection of builds by elves, wizards, drow and assorted, but similarly inspired, faeire type islands and towers…. it’s called “Kingdoms”.

Not all the builds are photographed here, and some are maybe better at midnight… this is just a taster…

I think all or most of the Elf orientated folk are represented here with a central tp point and info centre… at Courage.. the co-ordinates (SLurl doesn’t work for me in Iwz)… 199,221,2217…. or just IM me, Nyx or Caren for an LM InWorldz.

The builders responsible are (hoping I missed no-one)…

Ferrators Montaya
moontan Valeeva
CheysuliLir Restless
Stand Starsider
Nyx Breen
Caren McCaw
Snoots Dwagon
Bebe Mahogany
Julia Hathor
Keira Alzael
Dannan Robbbiani
Ambiant Kukulcan
Rafaella Nightfire
Balpien Hammerer
soror Nishi

These are just a handful of the talented people we are lucky enough to have building in IWz, it’s no wonder 40,000 people are now signed up.

Anyway… it really is a place to visit, especially for new comers who say they don’t know what to visit InWorldz…. then they can jump off and fall a couple of thousand feet to the steampunk sim…. while getting a coffee. Well recommended.




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2 responses to “>Nyx, Elvenfolk and InWorldz

  1. >lovely pictures Soror :)

  2. thanks, easy to photo good builds.

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