Linden Endowment for [sic] the Arts

The announcement has recently been made that Linden Lab is making one of it’s 6887 sims available for an artist to use for the month.

I have had to start every LEA post with the clarification that I am not in anyway critical of the work that the volunteer people who are administering the LEA are doing. My criticism is and has always been the ridiculously small, or minute contribution that LL has made over the years to the Arts in Second Life. If you were a waiter and a friend got tipped one cent by a customer you would probably feel how I do towards the Lab.

The details are, however, that you can apply to have 15000 prims for a month, no megas I would assume as that has always been a psychological stumbling block for the Boys (see Megaphobia).[update: megas are allowed…see comments]…

There have been, luckily, a number of good souls who have done far more than the Lab when it comes to sponsoring artists over the years. I don’t have a list, but, considering the hard cash they have had to hand over to the Lab for their altruistic actions they have done an awful lot more than the multimillion dollar tight-fisted company we all support. Mab MacMoragh was the first person to give me a sim to play with which she funded out of her own pocket and resulted in my Temple of the Prim.

Here recorded by Kumi Kuhr.

IBM gave me a sim to build Tree of Trees on, and in the months I was there we had over 2000 visitors, the Lab being more than happy to use it as one of the Destination Guide entries.

The individual shows I have personally presented have been mostly funded privately. NPIRL Garden of Delights, Orange Island, The Hill, Vision Gallery, le parc des arts, Avgi, Isle of Awakening, Phoenicia, Lalalala Gallery, Evolution Gallery, Angelgate, The Vienna Quarter, Formes Nocturnes and Poetik velvets, Raglan Shire, Pirats, Deutche Info Welt, The Companion, Hotel Dare, University of Western Australia (where I still have a small forest), University of Delaware, Burn 2 and Virtual Treeline Gallery.
Skellig Medbh, Clissa, The Companion, Garden of Eden for Susa Bubble (which was shown in Warsaw)….Nordan’s Gallery, Arte Libera and Kelly Yap have also shown my work this year….. and I’ve probably forgotten a few.

The UWA, courtesy of JayJay (Nazz has a great interview with him here.) gave me a sim to build on earlier this year where I built Transubstantiation (see Machinima page of this blog). That was a similar deal, I had just a month to build it and show, and I managed mainly due to the fact that I had built the sim previously in InWorldz. FreeWee, who followed Wizard at UWA didn’t have so much time as her build was extensive and she would have benefited from more than a month. [The UWA actually paid money to artists every month.]

In fact mostly, I would say, it would be better if artists were given two months, one to build, and one to show. It’s not as if LL can’t afford two sims rather than one. The fact is though that they have done almost nothing for artists over the last 10 years and have no intention of changing their indifference.

This compares so badly with InWorldz. Jeri Rahja is giving sims to artists with 45000 prims (every prim is a potential mega), not for a month or even two, but as a permanent installation of, eventually 20 sims. Ub Yifu, Wizard Gynoid, Alizarin Goldflake, me, Betty Tureaud, and…hmm…well I’ll complete this list later. Nazz Lane may also be joining in, with rumours of others in the pipeline…

So, Linden Lab, how come out of the 6887 sims you own, many of which probably lay empty, just one ends up in the hands of an artist for the month. Even taking into consideration the Machinima sim, Bryn’s sim and the sandbox it is a pathetic Endowment and one you should be continually castigated for until your attitude changes…. one server doesn’t cost as much as you charge for a whole island.

Just saying..




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13 responses to “Linden Endowment for [sic] the Arts

  1. as i have said elsewhere, LEA is finally endowing an artist with a sim to build and show? what a concept!

  2. I agree; every offer of build space and time has come from private individuals (excepting Burning Life 1 year and SL7B); I am also one of “Jeri’s Kids” in IW.

    Dividni Shostakovich’s Split Screen Installation Space is also a private venue that sponsores artists for 2 months; one to build, one to show. This has worked out well for him; it gives the artists time to build and time to publicize a good window for viewing.

  3. They’ve only agreed to let out the SIM for an “initial” run of 6 months as stated in Bryn’s post. I wonder how much pressure the committee had to exert in getting that done.

    By the way, the rumor is true and I am seriously considering Jeri’s generous offer.

  4. @Nazz, yes, like getting blood from a stone….
    excellent…look forward to some Nazzi jazz.

  5. I just re-scanned Bryn’s post and noticed that there is a “list” of blogs and a statement that sounds an awful lot like their having been “authorized” to post about the monthly exhibits. It does go on to say that others may be added if they agree to cover the exhibits.

  6. jayjay zifanwe

    @Nazz… hey mate.. that list are peeps who had written to us to say they would be interested in writing about each of the exhibits that are put up every month… not authorized or anything… it was my wording… didnt mean to come out like that

    @soror… hey thanks girl… you should put the slurl to the soror forest thats there :)
    also, yeah.. well I wanted it to be 1 year, and also, if i was given the green light for one year, then it would have been with three lots of 2 months and 6 lots of 1 month, so that 9 artists could feature across the year for it… but (and this was not a LL thing), it was thought by some that its only appropriate for me to run the program 3 months…. so I had to go with six lots of a month each.. as I pressed for at least half a year… anyway… doubtless it will continue beyond 6 months…. the only question being whether I will be facilitating

  7. jayjay zifanwe

    oh … and over my dead body will any type of prim be disallowed

  8. @jayjay Thanks for the clarification … appreciate it :).

  9. @Jayjay, yes I will do that… glad to hear about the megas.

  10. hexx

    SL stopped being “Your World, Your Imagination” couple of years ago already. It ain’t about art. That should be no surprise. But we still can do cool stuff there.

  11. @hexx, yes, it’s just a shame they don’t realise how fantastic the Art in SL really is.

  12. hexx

    Artists built their world without charging the Lab a decent fee. What’s more, we even pay for the possibility to create stuff. I guess now the main Linden concern is how the hell they’re gonna turn it into a game, so more people sign up and go premium.

  13. Yep, that’s about the size of it Hexx, how to make more cash.

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