A Week’s Round-up…

Well, while Jobs and Irene have been sharing the RL headlines with Libya this week the blogs have been reactivated after a bit of a lull after SLCC and Mesh of the previous weeks.

On the VWs front tho Miso Susanowa has made my week with a new machinima of my build Creative Power in Inworldz..

The music and the editing being better than my poor attempt….thanks Miso.

Miso is also one of three great artists currently showing at Split Screen which got a good review from Flora at Nordanomjordan, the other two being Selavy Oh and Kolor Fall. That’s quite a trio…

Viewer 3 has not attracted very much excitement really, most people who didn’t like Viewer 2 will continue to dislike viewer 3 which some say is slower and still sucks even though it can ‘see’ mesh. JayR Cela however loves the new clean look of the StarLight skin which is the work, I believe, of Hitomi Tiponi.

On the Viewer news front Inara Pey has posted a report on the Jessica and Phaylen Phoenix Hour on Metamix TV, where a number of great features seem to be coming our way via Firestorm, not the least being the ability to group friends into Contact Sets. This would be very useful for people who have business contacts, friends and customers all mixed up together in their list.

I loved this post by Ahuva this week, in it she points out the limited appeal of SL/VWs and, as you know, I have often ranted against the LL “Myth of Ten Million Users”. Again I have to say that Art is surely the most radical of all VW uses and the ignorance of the fact is deeply engrained in LL….. [can ignorance be ingrained? not sure about the language there]

For self educators (autodidacts) Emlyn at Point 7 has an interesting post which I haven’t got round to commenting on yet. As we are all in this group of people there are some interesting questions there.

…and although many may think they are a little over-informed on the Nymwars, one last (possibly) post about Google with a story about the future implications, or possible scenarios, (which I seriously considered tackling myself from a totally different angle)… a great story by Cory Doctorow ‘Scroogled’.

…and to keep you all up-to-date…top news, for the everyday geek is probably the news that Apple is going to have Twitter ‘deeply engrained’ in the iPhone. iTweet will no doubt be a new hashtag as this symbiosis develops. Full details on the story … here.

Well, that is more than enough to keep you busy. I have a Bank Holiday Monday to look forward too and will, no doubt, be building stuff in InWorldz…

Jayjay has named my forest at UWA (SLurl here) ‘soror’s Last Stand which amused me… but then..yes, I’m easily amused.

Have a great day/week




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2 responses to “A Week’s Round-up…

  1. Thanks soror; it was a pleasure to film your beautiful and poignant build and to make music for you.

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