Size and Change.

There have been a couple of things recently that have got me thinking about size, specifically the size of a company.

Firstly, in connection to Google’s desire to dominate the world by compiling the largest register of real names and their connected profiles, it struck me that even the largest of Telephone Directories is pretty useless if it only contains the numbers of half your friends. By this I mean that even if Google+ manages to get 500 million users, it is useless to me if half my friends are excluded…

Then, as I posted/reTweeted on a previous post, where Digwuren the Grey said….“Somewhere, there are two kids in a garage building a company whose motto will be “Don’t be Google“. #nymwars” ….well, I found them…

and, hip and fab as they are they have two things going for them… one, they aren’t Google or Facebook and …two, they are new.

This is one of the great things about the internet, namely that anyone, more or less, can take on the dinosaurs and have a chance of beating them at their own game…. blog post here.
Now, they don’t actually have to have 500 million users, just enough of my/your friends for it to be interesting….and a catchy name…

Then, a few days earlier I came across another one of those cases where the size of a company actually contributes to it’s downfall (potential), namely Second Life. This week it’s been Flea Bussy of Grendel’s Children who has had enough of the lack of Customer Service to cut his tier by 50%, shedding two sims. Prok questioned the real reasons, pontificating about other factors and wondering if Flea knew how to manage a sim, but Flea’s been around long enough that I think it’s more likely that his reasons are true. Prok did, however, describe my experience of filing a ticket exactly…
1) submit a ticket.
2) a long time later you get a reply to the effect that “we assume this has been resolved and have closed the ticket. If you are still having problems please reopen the ticket”…

This does have, partly, to do with size. This would not happen in InWorldz, if there’s a problem it gets sorted very shortly. There are some large companies that have very good service, Canon were very quick to get back to me and enter into a dialog when I had a query. They are organised, like some others, to respond and engage. Sure, in the short term they lose money, it costs… but who can afford to nurture a reputation for inadequate service like SL has?

In this time we are living through we are all very portable, we can move, fast. Google one day, Ixquick the next … easy.

Then Google+ one day, maybe Unthink the next… there are certainly many who have moved from SL to InWorldz…

Maybe small is beautiful.




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3 responses to “Size and Change.

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    One thing that has been noted about Linden Lab is how poorly they do with managing user issues on the grid. By and large, this stems from Phillip Rosedale, who naively believed that Linden Lab should be as hands-off as possible with the grid in order to allow their users greater freedom. But, such idealism has sadly resulted in very poor support from the lab, and very poor enforcement against griefers.

  2. Yes, I had reason to report a griefer three days ago … no response at all.

  3. This is so true. The size of SL is a problem as it took me 3 months to get an answer for a ticket (I had a techical problem on my mainland wich only a mole could solve). So of course i didnt wanna pay for it. I left for inWorldz, more than a year ago, where i get the support i need. <3

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