Me and my Shadow

Way back in 2008 in December, Selavy took a photo of my trees with shadows. I, in my enthusiastic ignorance thought that shadows were just about to be introduced to SL and got very excited until Selavy explained that it was actually Kirsten’s shadow viewer that she had used.

I only had a 128 graphics card at the time and couldn’t get it to work for me but knew that sculptie trees were the future, both because, viewed from above they looked like a forest, and, the shadows really looked good. My poor lappy fried the motherboard in 2009 and even in 2010 when I got my new computer I still couldn’t really get shadows working for me, the last time I tried I got a very pixelated screen which then just turned blue and I had to reboot.

So, in spite of claims that shadows were now with us as a permanent feature, I haven’t really been in a position to enjoy then up til now.

Recently though I have started adapting the Firestorm Viewer to fit my needs…i.e. make it a little more usable, and tried the shadow settings…so…finally after two and a half years I can post my own photos with my trees and my self casting shadows.

Apparently we are awaiting the Firestorm 3.0 release (according to JayR) which, amongst other improvements makes it possible to sort friends into groups/circles/types which will be a great asset for those of us that, for example, have friends and customers.

Jessica has actually taken the time to explain how to use Firestorm more like a v.1xx viewer… thanks, Jessica, I’m converting, slowly…

hmmm…getting there, more through a sort of refusal to be beaten rather than patience….



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