Premium Linden Limbs and the LLEI

In a new bid to attract new Premium Members, limited edition Premium Linden Legs will be offered free to people paying $75 per year ($88 for UK citizens).

These new legs are part of the LLEI, the Linden Limbs Endowment Initiative, who hope to be offering arms shortly.

These Premium Legs can be used inside Premium Homes, making a very good standard lamp, for example, to stand beside your Premium Sofa. This is at least the intention of the initiative.

I asked Lego Linden, who heads up the LLEI, “why not use mesh?”. Apparently the PE of 49 prims was considered rather limiting, the idea being that they could be incorporated into the Premium Homes which only have 117 prims. However, he reassured me that mesh arms were being considered and they were already in discussion with a ‘Top Maker’ to make these available to Premium Members shortly.

I welcome this new drive to offer more value for money regarding my $88 ($13 of which are sent directly, I believe, to the British Government for their continuing effort to bomb poor people), and look forward to seeing the arms.

Good to see Rodvik is bringing about some important changes to the Lab, and we’re wondering ….”what next?”




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3 responses to “Premium Linden Limbs and the LLEI

  1. But they still have ugly toes!!!

    I am sure the guys will be all a-twitter when LL announces the Linden Endowment For The Pants, with optional mesh codpiece.

  2. heyyyyyy wait a minute! Did they rip my concept for COMMODITY???? I’d better call my legal beagle…

  3. So now whenever we have the urge to kick a Linden in the ass, a convenient ass has been provided? Handy. :))

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