semi congratulations to Linden Lab

Today I stretched a prim in Second Life to 46.48 meters by 39.83, exactly the size I needed. Well done. The fact that I had to wait 3 years to be able too is a bit of a let down but really, building trees which were limited to 10 meter prims was a real restriction in the beginning, before I discovered megas.

Canopies were the first things I used to make out of megas but the trunks were always difficult things. Eventually I learned to make sculpties from megas and that helped although there is a restriction on mega sizes as they aren’t available in all sizes and those fine adjustments you need to make in a prim set were not possible. It was such a relief to go to InWorldz and it gave my building another boost.

Now, if we could just increase the size of link sets to something larger than 32 meters… and a few more than 256 prims, that would be really useful. Another 3 years?

The reason I am only semi-congratulating the Boys is because I had to log in on Viewer 3, and, experienced as I am with different viewers, I lost a few things, and couldn’t find a few things. I dumped V3 as soon as I could, it’s lousy, still. I  am very happy to hear that you are finally going to scrap the sidebar, although that won’t make up for the various faults that put Firestorm/Phoenix far ahead of your offering. Why don’t you hire Kirsten to sort it all out now she’s looking for a job? That would make sense, there’s no one more qualified.

In other news, as I’m on a PC this week (I’m in a posh house in the country, again) I’ve managed to use Second Inventory to import and export a few things between SL and Iwz … and no doubt you’ll see more of that in the course of the next weeks.

Busy building this week… have a great week.




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