New plants for InWorldz

Yes, getting my hands on a PC means, as I said before, that I can play with Second Inventory all day. So I managed to upload thses plants into InWorldz and they are now for sale at Raindow Country ( see my profile inworld for an LM).

This vase of flowers I am also entering in the UWA competition this month and it can be seen there if you don’t get into IWz..

This is the Snake Orchid and an early creation of mine, and one I still like a lot.

I’m quite surprised I hadn’t taken this one over already, it’s the Blue Spotted orchid and has great markings inside the flower tubes.

The Bog Asparagus, a plant that Maeve asked me to import, is a good one for water scapes, it acts as a spot plant for ‘architectural interest’ as the designers say.

They are all copy/mod. The vase of flowers, called Still Life is 500Iz and the others are 300. All available now.

… I also imported the goats… we shall yet see what they get up to…



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