Reducing Lag, sneakily(?)

To paraphrase Marx, it could be said that ‘Upgrades are a conspiracy against the People’…. but that would be a little paranoid, let’s just say that some upgrades, Lion for example (Mac OS), are not worth the code they are written in.

Some upgrades, Marketplace for example, just break stuff that was working and make everyone scream. Now, there are those that say firstly you should have asked the users what upgrades they wanted and secondly, maybe you should check it works before you impose it on us. Now, using Viewer 2 as an example, we know that the Boys don’t ask first, nor do they make it work, they hope you will report on the bugs so they save time in doing so.

The latest rather suspicious development in the whole Mesh saga is the new designation of Prim Equivalence…. my last blog post about this suggested, somewhat cynically, that the Boys were increasing the Prim Equivalence of Mesh to save them upgrading their servers. By this I implied that the worse the PE, the fewer prims you could have on your patch. Such a cynic, tutt.

Now, finding that people didn’t like a PE of, say 200, on an object that could be built with ..say… 50 sculpties, the Boys have decided that they will no longer refer to it as PE. From now on it will be called Land Impact or, for short, the obvious LI. Renaming is, we are told, to avoid confusing us idiot people and it will be easier for us to understand that this has nothing to do with prims.

Now, the reason you normally change names like this is to hide stuff… but thank goodness LL is doing it for our good.. thanks Boys.

I assume they are doing the same with ARC, what we have know of for years as Avatar Rendering Cost which is also going to change names. The new ARC will now be called Draw Weight of Avatars or DwoA for short…. and we are all going to get a surprise. Whereas the old ARC range was approx some hundreds to some thousands, i.e. say 100 to 15000, your DWoA is going to lie between 1,000 (naked) to 300,000. Interesting…

According to Nyx Linden …:
‘Rendering “Cost” is a difficult metric to compute and historically has been only of moderate usefulness.
With the advent of mesh, it is time to re-think how we measure rendering load of various pieces of content. As such, we’re reviewing the algorithms used to compute render “cost”.’ You can read the fully updated Wiki here.

[I have to apologise for not acknowledging who’s blog I read this on but this computer I am on is so poor I can’t retrace my steps…sorry.. Twitter is crap as far as finding history goes, too]

Anyway, the Lab is full of people who would throw their hands up in shock and proclaim ‘Conspiracy Theory’ anytime you suspect them of doing the dirty on us, but the past four years has shown that just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to screw you.

Easing the load on their servers rather than upgrading them, (or reducing the number of sims per server which would dent their income) is obviously the best/cheapest way for them to reduce a bit of lag. So, either by hiking PE/LI or shaming you into reducing your ARC/DWoA is gonna be worth the effort.

All companies seek to give you less for your buck over time, that’s capitalism, that’s how we define Freedom. The freedom to be shafted by a corporation rather than by a dictator.

…and so it goes [hugs Brinda]…




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2 responses to “Reducing Lag, sneakily(?)

  1. Land Impact? INCOMING!!!!! *cue M*A*S*H* theme music*

    DwOA… Dead Weight On Arrival?

    You see, soror? LL has been studying my maths and stockholder’s report. Who says Teh Boyz don’t listen?

  2. @ Miso.. Yeh, thems pretty clued-up them Boyz.

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