My Sculptie Prediction

I seldom speculate about the future, after all it’s gonna be stranger than we imagine for the most part. Having lived a while on this planet, however, does mean that you begin to recognise patterns.

[I would have quoted a passage from the Tao Te Ching at this point if I’d have been at home…]

Patterns tend to repeat and thus as you see one unfolding it makes it more likely that you can predict the future without a crystal ball (is there an app for that?).

So, cut to the chase… I predict that within 6 months a sculpted prim will have an LI of at least 1.2… and that it will increase over a twelve month period to very nearly 2…( I claim a bit of leeway on the exact figures).

What does that mean? Well, under the current situation the PE, sorry, LI of Mesh makes it quite uncompetitive, uneconomical and basically unattractive compared with the wonderful Sculpie. Currently the sculpted prim counts as one prim… obviously.. well by changing the term Prim Equivalence to Land Impact it opens up the possiblity of making Mesh more attractive by making sculpties more expensive.

Not even the Boys would dare ban the Sculptie, but, if over the years they make it more expensive, then Mesh will become more attractive, and we will lose all count/remembrance of the fact that Land Impact used to be prims.
You will no longer have a Prim Count on your 512m of 117, from now, i.e. the new viewer, you will have a Land Impact (quota) of 117.

Why would they do this? see previous post.

Well the thing about predictions is that it is one of those times when you can accurately say..’we will see’…



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2 responses to “My Sculptie Prediction

  1. jayjay zifanwe

    naaaaaah… lol :)

  2. I had thought before that LL had realised what error they had done with the sculpties : giving us a solution to spare prim, for the same (or better) quality. And that they wanted to take it back with meshes, too. But I thought : This will not work, we have the sculpties!

    Thanks for opening my eyes to the next move : Having the scuplties cost more prims.

    Sad future for SL…

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