Occupying Wall Street

I have traveled widely and spoken to poor people from a lot of different countries. Mostly people tend to agree that the leaders line their own pockets without any thought for anyone else. That’s not really news. That’s just life …  people shrug, generally, and get on with their lives, as I do.

Occasionally though the injustice is enough to galvanise action and people actually find some way to protest. It was so in 1381 in England, and history has recorded various protests since. The latest being that which is happening today in Wall Street, New York.

The way that the banks have robbed individuals to replenish their coffers with the support of the Governments of several “democratic” countries without any public inquiries into how this all came about is certainly one of the issues that are being discussed late into the night amongst those now camped out in NYC.

The ability of major corporations to buy support through the legalised bribery of financial support for political campaigns is also a source of disquiet and anger. As it should be.

Now, while camping out on Wall Street is not going to, by itself, cause any major change or revolution, it does send a very clear message to the politicians and moguls, namely..  “you do not have the full confidence of the public you govern“. The cynical amongst us may say they will simply shrug and carry on, but lurking in the air is the unspoken threat “go too far and there will be trouble”.

Government only manages to rule through the collusion of the mass. Push the Public too far and you will see how angry people can get.

This is only a warning shot across the bow, but only a fool would disregard this show of anger.

The possibility of a news black-out of this (it may just be that the reporters are all drunk or asleep) is shattered by the constant Twitter feed as in other recent protests the Internet provides information possibilities which didn’t exist a few years ago. The hashtags are #occupywallstreet and #takewallstreet.

Good wishes to all who are taking part, peacefully.







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3 responses to “Occupying Wall Street

  1. Maeve

    Hi sis–spot on, as usual, but more so… there is a change in the wind here. Things, “they are a-changin…”

    For those out of the loop, here’s one WSJ article: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/19/wall-street-protests-continue-with-at-least-5-arrested/

    And I am knees-deep into it with reportage on how to fund the nation’s multitude of infrastructure disasters-in-waiting with $$$ not from new taxes but from rich corrupt pockets out of reach. Our arm’s reach lengthens :) More later. Hugs for having so much heart!

  2. Thanks soror… there is another thing showing, what Netpolitik has as a belief, a hope and a promise – the power of the nets to route around gatekeeper media and allow us to speak and exchange information outside the Gatekeeper’s control. Viva la Information Revolution.

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