Build locally…

My wonderful (yukk) ISP went down yesterday and, the 8 hours they were saying they’d take to repair the fault turned into 14. As a local traffic light was sabotaged by a slug recently, it may have been a hedgehog crawling into a server or somesuch wildlife miscreant that caused the delay, more likely humans, I guess. Rumours of Meeroos being involved are without foundation.

Anyway, this is where I thank the virtual gods for my local grid. I installed sim-on-a-stick thanks in no small part to Ener Hax and her blog…. some details here.

Then I realised that I probably hadn’t shown you pics of my offline workshop, apart from my first build… so I can soon put that right..

So..this is me working on my new dragon…

…and it is the home of a number of recent creations, The Xmas Daisy Tree and The Lanternfruit Trees, are two recent additions to both SL and Iwz that originated here. The joys of working offline being immediate uploads to a lag-free 4-sim workshop I can have Blender and Gimp open at the same time with plenty of opportunity to play very fast trial-and-error stuff. Once it’s built here, rebuilding is often very fast in another grid, and as cheap as it can be in that you don’t pay for errors.
When mesh and the mesh viewers are more stable and available in OS I would imagine building mesh on a local grid could save a fortune in trial-and-error upload costs.

Anyway… online again… phew, not easy for an addict.




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5 responses to “Build locally…

  1. Maeve

    You are totally sick! In a wicked-good way :)

  2. /me holds up hands…True, so true..:))

  3. dang! that is a pretty awesome workshop!

    *picks jaw up from the floor*

  4. Well, Ener, it’s partly due to your blog posts that I managed to get it together…. thx.

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