Dead-Cat-Bounce and other stuff…

This morning the markets have bounced like a dead cat reminding me of my last forecast when I predicted financial carnage in World Goes Tits Up, but then no-one with any sense would listen to a blue-haired bimbo…. and I have nothing to sell anyway. ….Unlike the bits of man-made molten metal which are on their way down to earth (unlikely to bounce at all) reminding me of the meteors that traditionally (esoteric tradition) speak of the fall to earth of Lucifer and his merry band being chased by Michael.

Today is, dear reader, Michaelmas, Feast of the Archangels, although specifically it is Michael (whose earth incarnation, St. George, is the patron saint of England) who gives us the strength to meet the darkness of Winter with an iron will (meteorite connection).

A brief round-up of stuff that has hit me (metaphorically) this week would have to begin with the fact that the speed of light may not be the fastest particles/waves in the universe with a claim that particles faster than light have been recorded…. obviously not employed in Chat which continues to annoy me.

Also worth recording, while we are in the Real World, is the idiocy of gallery directors (re. Alizarin and the Museum of Science Boston) and the idea that the new Avatar Movie may be shot with a faster FPS (well, the RL equivalent) to get a better picture… surely a better idea than the mentally-deficient 3D movie idea.

The Wall Street gang are still occupying, and well documented by Miso… and NymWars is still being discussed, the latest privacy breech being airlines selling customer details …. how much information will actually be stored before we all drown in a virtual tsunami of data?

Cutting quickly to Virtual Worlds… the most impressive thing I have seen this week is a post by Tranq of InWorldz fame who posted details of their server layout in ground-breaking (for me) post explaining stuff that I mostly didn’t understand. Both Wizzy and I had exactly the same reaction, namely, that in 4 years in SL we had never been told about this stuff and I felt that it was like being treated like an adult and a part(ner) in an adventure. I was very impressed by the attitude.

Over to SL…. a few of us, Betty, Wizzy, Aliz and I are among a group of artists being studied and interviewed by California State University at Long Beach (CSULB)… that is, some of their students going to present our work as an exercise in Curating…. Miso was ‘done’ last term and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with them, so suggested we might be possible targets this term. All are new to SL and virtual worlds and have to put on a show for each of the artists, if I have understood correctly… I’m glad that VW’s are being seen as an educating tool for the art world and hope they don’t grow up to be as idiotic as the Boston person [see above].

The LEA. Now, what is happening there? Intrepid sleuth Wizard Gynoid reports 20 new sims, not open to the public…so.. have they seen the light and made more sims for more artists and moved away from the “one sim for Bryn, one for The Rest of SL” (as one artist noted).. That would be a little more intelligent of them as I firmly believe that Art will be the thing that gains VWs the most positive recognition in the RL media over the coming years.

Ah…yes, Burning Life opens next week…best wishes to all those slaving away under the hot sun and tight regulations. The most fascist art show in the world (as far as Rules goes) sprung out of an anarchistic movement … reinforces the Jungian statement that ‘no one oppresses harder than the previously oppressed’.. [Israel too, I guess]..

My new show at Split Screen will open on the 2nd, full details will follow later in the week.

Have a great week-end.




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3 responses to “Dead-Cat-Bounce and other stuff…

  1. Also it is Mabon ; one of the Lesser Festivals.

    “Breaking News: Police discuss setting speed traps for neutrinos: “We can’t have these drag-racers breaking the law, even if it’s E=MC²” Officer Smith said.”

    Nymwars mentioned on ABC Talk Radio: “”>Internet Evolution: The War on Web Anonymity

    you go, Goldfishie! These are the dinosaurs of the Old Guard- in 10 years they will be begging for shows.

    Inworldz + Tranq rock!

    CSULB: it’s fun. We get to play Hoary Art Wisdom archetypes; someone takes us seriously [shoutout to Prof. Glenn Zucman and TA Elizabeth Juarez]

    The empty sims, as abel undercity and I have explained, are there for the sekrit meeting of the FIC where we, erm, i mean THEY, meet to sacrifice Pork and Hamster meat and plot the destruction of… capitalism and .. um… the wholesome way of American Life, if I have understood it properly… not sure…

    Not sure if I will map the Playa this year…

    congratulations on Split Sceen; looking forward to it!

  2. thanks for the repost – or is it riposte ? :)

  3. thanks for the repost – or is it riposte? :)

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