Frustration and crash-test dummies.

A few of us had an interesting discussion the other night. It seems like Maeve and Aliz are thinking of owning land in Inworldz and Juanita was there but had her doubts. Juanita then published an interesting post on her blog which outlines a number of issues that many must have thought about, making it a good basis to start a discussion.

As a friend (Mouser) pointed out, 45,000 prims and free uploads should also figure in this discussion…. and then there’s the subject of frustration.

Tateru Nino
wrote about the straw that breaks the camels back in a recent post and followed it up with another about broken shader functions .. and this is so. Continually breaking code with new releases is gonna be frustrating.. but the case of Annmarie Otoole takes a lot of beating.

The full, sorry story is on the Jira here.

If you aren’t aware of this whole saga, let me offer a synopsis…[disclaimer… I personally hate cars in SL…still..]

LL breaks a piece of code relating to physics engine in their latest upgrade.
AnnMaries vehicles go crazy (being built using this piece of code) and crash everywhere.
LL’s automatic banning system bans AnnMarie..
AnnMarie can’t log in to clean up the mess.

A slightly more detailed view.. [skip if you know the details]

AnnMaire reports on the 20th…
“My vehicles rely on llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_PHYSICS,FALSE]); to stop suddenly to avoid collisions. This is not working in Blue Steel resulting in hundreds of fatal accidents.”
Maestro Linden (is that an oxymoron) replies…
“Hi , thanks for the report. I can confirm this bug on Second Life Server – setting PRIM_PHYSICS to either TRUE or FALSE has no effect..

AnnMarie is pretty frustrated by the 22nd, when she gets banned…
Due to the borked instruction I have vehicles running off the road all over SL as fast as the system can rez new ones. Not being able to set PHYSICS off creates vehicles with no brakes.
I’ve been suspended for 3 days for vehicles running off the road. DUH.
So it will be at least 3 days before I can go in and reprogram the vehicles and get replacements out to 70 rez sites.

What possible good does a suspension do if
1. It was not my fault?
2. It prevents me correcting the problem?
3. I can’t go in and remove all the dead vehicles?
4. It increases the number of encroachments and in particular to the person that filed the AR?

Emails coming in indicate that I’ve got about 200 vehicles an hour being returned to Lost and Found and that’s just the run-aways that land on parcels with object return on. Who knows how many are stacking up on non-return land.
During the 3 day suspension that works out to over 14,000 potential AR tickets.

However I have to add that the AR people processing encroachment complaints would have no knowledge of the broken functions and in a Dictatorship you are guilty if they say so.

The TOS should be re-written to limit the penalties to “INTENTIONAL” griefing to give the AR deparment some latitude when violations occur that were obviously not premeditated. The way the TOS is written now you are guilty, no matter how it happened. What makes it worse is the TOS prevents them telling you where it happened so I have no way of correcting a problem.[This is a very valid point. Selavy Oh was banned when the sim she had installed an art piece on crashed sending some physical prims crashing into an innocent by-passer who then AR’ed her. She got banned too. Stoopid system.]

OMG I’m losing what faith I had.
They say if you want to appeal a suspension to file a ticket or write to them.
I filed the ticket explaining that it was not my fault.
Here is the reply.
“We have placed your account on an Administrative hold.

If you would like to appeal this closure please provide relevant information that you believe would be pertinent to your account.
Would you like your account to be canceled?
Yes, I request that Linden Lab cancel my account. I understand that canceling my account terminates my license to access Second Life including any virtual land, Linden dollars or other inventory or data associated with my account.

Do you have a US Dollar credit balance associated with your account?
I request that any US Dollar Credit balance associated with my account be paid to the PayPal account below. I understand that my credit balance does NOT include any Linden dollar balance. I also understand that Linden Lab will deduct from my credit balance any outstanding fees or charges due to Linden Lab and will refuse to process funds that Linden Lab believes to be the product of fraud or theft.”

Now… enter stage left a Linden who will surely sort it all out?? ermm…not exactly…
Andrew Linden added a comment – 22/Sep/11 10:34 AM
I’ve been asked by many “Why will the fix for SVC-7305 take several weeks to be fixed?

“The answer is that our test –> release candidate –> promotion process takes that long: weekly updates, and all final changes need to be in an RC for at least a week before getting promoted. Personally I’m in favor of speeding up the deploy of this fix – I think it should go bypass RC and be added directly to the next promotion… however, the rest of the deploy team would have to be convinced and they have thick skins: we have urgent fixes that someone wants to bypass RC every week. I could make a case for accelerating this one through the process, and I’ve often argued such, I don’t have enough clout to push this one through opposition. The only thing that might move them is a lot of complaining by the Residents.

Which means that if you complain in the comments of this jira issue… it helps! However you’ll have to speak on more channels than just this one.”

Now…back to my starting point of the discussion about InWorldz and Second Life…

It seems to me that the structure of the Lab is broken and, no increase in residents, no improved income stream, is going to fix that. Philip has left a Love Bomb at the Lab and it is contaminating everything. Logic is in very short supply and normal company co-operation and collaboration has been replaced by different cells doing their own thing, a bit like cancer….

…and that is why I am in InWorldz.

In Other News…

I have to point those of you with local grids (sim on a stick) to Ener Hax who, once again, has proved to be Queen Stick (meant as a compliment) in a great fix-it post here, re. ground textures.

My show for Arte Libera in Sogno also gets re-rezzed and nicely reported in Nordanomjorden here.

Have a great day..




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10 responses to “Frustration and crash-test dummies.

  1. Idk any grid, given enough time and users, is going to throw up horror stories. Hopefully the new grids learn from LL’s mistakes – technical and procedural – but I wouldn’t hold your breath. New World Grid is a nice option too, they have open day on Oct 1…ooo lala.

  2. hi soror

    As it happens I just posted on my blog another horror story about Linden Labs and ended it with a simple statement “We all know the horror stories of going on vacation only to find the hotel is still under construction, well, this is how it feels in Second Life these days – a grid still under construction!”

    I feel for Annmarie Otoole. I think it’s outrageous how a paying customer and contributor to Second Life has been treated and it is yet another example of the crocodile not caring about the sustainability of it’s food supply.


    P.S. Glad to see the move to WP. I’m planning to do the same and escape from Google’s clutches. Sheesh, I’m so tired of fat corporate bullies!

  3. @ Thirza… true, but…. with the Lab I had to stop for a while because the horror stories are just so frequent I felt like it was too repetitive. Now, out of a large population, it’s true that a percentage will have problems, but, to break physics (basically all vehicles) and wait a few weeks before repairing is bad enough to warrant blogging.

    @Gaga …great post and exactly what I mean . This is not about a few mistakes and disasters but a lack of will to maintain.

  4. i’m the queen stick in the mud! =D that’s awesome!!!

    being banned by LL blows, they banned me for 6 months after i sold my last sim – hell hath no furry likr the Lab scorned! =p

  5. Juanita Deharo

    Good story Soror…… It’s not a perfect world and LL are certainly not the perfect managers, but I’d imagine all businesses screw up sometime. It’s a question of how you handle it, and AnnMarie’s story shows how NOT to do it………but for every reaction there’s an opposite etc and I can recall a number of times LL has been prompt, courteous, and helpful in dealing with issues I’ve had. (At least as good as my real world telco or bank or any other large business that’s a long way from its customer base.)
    What strikes me is just how much more patient and less critical people are about InWorldz (It’s also not perfect)……….and I wonder if this is a function of size that allows the personal touch when it comes to dealing with problems.
    And yes those 35000 prims (45 if you buy 4 sims?) and free uploads are a big attraction.

  6. @Juanita… Thx, yes, I think it has a lot to do with size, and think I blogged about that recently, and also being informed and included.

    I wrote.. “This does have, partly, to do with size. This would not happen in InWorldz, if there’s a problem it gets sorted very shortly. There are some large companies that have very good service, Canon were very quick to get back to me and enter into a dialog when I had a query. They are organised, like some others, to respond and engage. Sure, in the short term they lose money, it costs… but who can afford to nurture a reputation for inadequate service like SL has?”

    …and this post from a while back includes an example of simple but good PR.. .

  7. on 9/23 @rodvik had this to say: @SLAnnOtoole hey Ann, trying to speed up testing to get fix out. Just don’t want cure to be worse than disease. Sorry for the bug :(

  8. btw, this bug broke all the art cars at burn2.

  9. @ Wizzy … well that is good news (re. Ann) … lets hope it’s fixed before Burn2.

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