Boogaloo, a Visual Mash-Up.

Opening on Sunday the 2nd of October at 2pm with DJ Isabelle Mavendorf spinning some tunes at Split Screen.

I was invited to show by Dividni a short while back and thought it was a good idea to show a little traditional soror for those who have either not seen my stuff before or were getting withdrawal symptoms..:)) .. so it’s a mash-up of a few parts Magoo and a little IBM  mixed with 3 new IWz imports (the poppy, the foxglove and the old pine) in a marshy landscape.

It is here. .. and if you want to pop over before the opening, please feel free to do so. It’s a homestead sim so it might get busy on the night (20 avis max).

Now, Split Screen has had some great shows recently and so I am very happy to be showing here….and as my Arte Libera is currently rezzed, along with my UWA entry for this month, it would seem to be impossible for anyone to believe that I dislike Second Life, however, this is not the case.

It seems that because I don’t kiss butt like a frenzied fangirl some people believe that I hate SL… oh well.. some people believe in creationism…what can you do?
So…just for the record…here are the things I hate….
1) NYPD officers who spray children with Mace…
2) Facebook and Google+
3) Ugly Windows software
4) My neighbours
5) Cucumber and prawns.

…notice…no virtual grids are mentioned….so..moving swiftly along….

A little about Split Screen…

The Split Screen Installation Space is part of a homestead sim, set aside for one or two artists/builders to develop a large immersive installation. In general, artists will use the space for two months (give or take), and then others will take over.

I am mostly interested in work that either is impossible in real life, in some manner deeply involves or challenges its audience, or is a lot of fun, etc. Artists are encouraged to utilize the possibilities of Second Life as an artistic or immersive medium, so works may be active, interactive, reactive, have sound or video components, require detailed exploration, etc. Split Screen is not a gallery that displays many independent pieces: it is a place for a large and (more or less) unified creations.

Some of the artists at Split Screen will be well known. But I am also interested in giving opportunities to artists who have had not yet created many or any larger works, and can use an opportunity to think big and experiment.

Creators may sell their works. I do not charge a commission.

ARTISTS: You are welcome to ask me about working in the Split Screen space, and I’ll be happy to hear about artists who might benefit the opportunity. Send me a notecard in-world or an email describing your work and ideas, along with a landmark or SLURL so I can see some of your work. Understand that I only host one or two artists at a time, and usually they each get two months, so I have to be selective.

Depending on circumstances and goals, a quarter or half of the sim will be available. Homesteads allow fewer prims, scripts and avatars than regular sims. A quarter sim has about 900 prims to work with. However, aside from that restriction, creators can use scripts, have music/media streams, build in the sky, terraform, set a landing point, etc.

If you’d like to get a better idea about what sorts of things interest me, please see my blog. For more details about building at Split Screen, please ask me for a notecard with information for artists.

MACHINIMATOGRAPHERS: you are welcome to film in the space, provided you credit the artist(s) and the Split Screen Installation Space itself. (Please note: my permissions do not extend to the residential areas on the rest of the sim.)

I hope you enjoy Split Screen!”

Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

…and I have to say that people like Davidni restore my belief in the whole Art Scene in SL/VWs…. there is so much crap being shoveled out daily by people in charge of shows, i.e. Burn 2  [the anarchist-inspired fascist-ruled OCD regulation-rich art show which opens on Saturday, I hear.]… that it is a joy to have people like Davidni, Flora, Jeri, Jayjay  and many others (sorry if I can’t mention you all) caring for some of the art spaces in VWs.

This is certainly one space and one curator I can easily recommend to all.

See you there…



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7 responses to “Boogaloo, a Visual Mash-Up.

  1. I just wanted to add why I hate SL too. I hate it so much that I decided to work with Cal State University again this year promoting Second Life artists who are nethusiastic about their work and about interesting young people in virtual worlds and art. I hate it soooo much I just had to mention 30+ SL artists written up and included in the very interesting collection of Holala Alter.

    As anyone knows, I have a history of hating SL. That’s why I cleverly wrote over 5000 words explaining what I love about SL, jumping a Death-Watch Hamster, wasted a bit of time hunting Wolves, give most of my prize money back to UWA when I win something, auctioned myself off to benefit SL artists, have gone out of my way to praise the GOOD Linden actions and spent some hours immortalizing one and spent several 12-hour days making a badly-needed map of the Burn2 Playa to promote the artists and creators of Second Life.

    It’s also quite clear that I hate it so much I continue to pay tier out of my own pocket ( and which is certainly not covered by my sales, as I don’t sell very much at all) for 3.5 years, try to introduce the artists I know to one another and to good gallery owners and people inworld, spend way too much time there (except lately, from illness) and pretty much spent my life’s savings and three years of my time there.

    Obviously this was all a clevely-designed ruse to fool certain catty, snobbish, cliqueish and half-talented johnny-come-latelys to virtual worlds into thinking I actually cared a great deal about SL and want it to succeed despite the efforts of power-tripping, uninformed, narrow-minded moneygrubbers destroying the world with their ham-fisted and demonstrably-miserable understanding of the very product they hold sway over.

    I am glad to see my nefarious scheme has produced results, according to a tiny range of power-tripping nobodys who were in diapers when I was on the streets and in gallerys, music studios and stages making art. My superiors in the FOC will be proud of my fiendish talents.

    She was practiced at the art of deception
    Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands

  2. I was searching for your shrooms in SL the other day, but i didnt find any. Have you hidden them or only in IW? I found trees and flowers only.


  3. I meant sorors shrooms Miso =)) But I love your comment. You give the word sarcastic a new meaning :P

  4. @ Miso… :))

    @Mera …. They should be at “Last Chance” but maybe not as many species…I’ll go and check it out and report back.

  5. Delighted to have you at Split Screen, soror! Obviously, Split Screen is part of my own effort to show how horrible SL is — as Miso herself has demonstrated, having had two works there :-)

  6. @Dividni …:)) excellent all round.

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