The #occupywallstreet group of solid individuals camped out, defiant after 14 days occupation of NYC have put their heads together and words to paper.

Their summary of what they are protesting is eloquent and understated, certainly worth reading. Declaration of the Occupation of New York City is here. The very fact that they have not narrowed their ‘demands’ down to one of two items that could be ridiculed and criticised is a wise move. As Chomsky said the marginalisation of dissent is one of the first steps used by those in power to Manufacture Consent.

Saying “We are the 99%” is a wonderful, almost Zen-like statement which it is difficult to counter, even for the red-neck fascist. It’s irrefutable and eloquent.

Now that these few people have stood up to the authorities and the (normal) brutality of the enforcers it seems like the Unions feel they have been shamed up into joining in. This is great news for the movement as it will be impossible for the news organisations to ignore what is happening there. As all news media is dependent on their advertising sponsors there has been a visible reluctance for major news empires to cover this story. In the UK it seems like Rupert Murdoch and his Times are shy of reporting the facts, unlike the Guardian which has.

There is an really large ground swell of support from Americans across the country contacting the group through #needsoftheoccupiers on Twitter and through their Donate page here. Pizzas, food, umbrellas, clothing, memory sticks and cash are all being sent.

It is going viral too, by that I mean there is a #OccupyBoston, #OccupyChicago, #OccupyDetroit, #OccupyDenver, and people looking to set up in other cities too.















If the comments are anything to go by then a lot of people who have full-time jobs are going to be popping down to say hi, bring something useful and generally support those who are at the Front Line. There’s a real feeling of humanity and warmth in the responses elicited by this rather foolhardy, enormous task i.e. to change America.

Having seen the Berlin Wall come down and Apartheid end then we know that nothing is impossible. How far this tiny group can go will be fascinating to see..

… go USA!!



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  1. thanks soror for putting out this info, esp needs of the occupiers. It’s getting cold and rainy in NYC.

    The unions… MoveOn.org… many people are jumping in now and starting to push their own agendas. I am fervently hoping that these co-options are rejected. I have watched too many movements be hijacked in the last 20 years, or absorb a vital movement and then burn it out in bureaucratic nonsense and fund-seeking.

    NewMedia is still the best bet for the unfiltered, unswayed and populist engine that gives this movement its dynamism and hope.

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