UWA and Sunday Stuff

I attended the prize giving at UWA today and was rewarded for a prize for my Still Life (vase of flowers) which is always very gratifying….

There were a great number of really fine pieces and a full list of winners is available on the UWA blog…. but here are a few I snapped…

Paleillusion won a load of prizes with this piece, ‘you can’t touch heaven’. I believe it is her first time showing…

Sledge Roffo is no stranger to the Art Show and I really liked his piece which changed continually…

Asterion Coen didn’t walk away with a prize which is a shame… great build.

…and I loved Cherry Manga’s piece too…but check out the blog for more details….

On a completely different note… this blog has now been coming out of Iceland for a complete month now and so I have had a chance to check out the stats.

Just under 3000 visits with just over 9000 hits means that most of my readers have found it OK and that’s nearly as many as before when I was on Blogger. There are a few Blog Rolls which have the old address but most people get from Blogger to here with no problem. 37000 bot hits so it seems like I’m on most of the search pages… all good.

30% of you use Firefox, that’s changed a bit, (only 11% on Goggle Chrome) and roughly the same, 25% of you, are Mac users… so..all in all, a smooth transition…




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  1. jayjay zifanwe

    But for the fact that Asterion Coen’s work had to be considered as 2 distinct entries as opposed to one (due to the prim limits)… it would have walked away with a swag

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