Inworldz Dreamz and Visionz

The big news this week as far as InWorldz goes is the announcement of a new festival.

“The founder of Alexanderia’s Kingdom, Jeri Rajha, is pleased to announce the organization of an arts festival in the virtual world of InWorldz.”

Some may have already seen the very comprehensive post by Nazz Lane on the new festival being planned for InWorldz.

There will be 64 plots with 900 prims for builders and artists to make something from scratch in 10 days. Unlike Burn2 there are few regulations (Keep It Simple Stupid) and teams or individuals will be left to their own devices and imaginations to create something stunning.

Now, if you are thinking of participating it would be well to get your applications in soon as there are a lot more than 64 talented people in Iwz…

There will be events planned for the 12th to the 22 November if you have an idea you’d like to share, and a big party where the 4 first prizes and 4 second prizes will be awarded … that is a first and second prize for each of 4 sims.

Quadrapop and Jeri are the organisers with InWorldz sponsoring the event.

No doubt there will be more details emerging as the whole thing starts to buzz… Nazz Lane is the PR man, so expect him to be abreast of it all…

rock on Iwz…


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