Linden Lab gets sidelined..

In a quite revolutionary move today developers of mesh clothing, tired of LL’s disinterest in fixing mesh clothing (i.e. the ability to adjust how it fits) have decided to do it themselves.

Maria’s post has all the details and links to the core project here…. Karl Stiefvater (formerly Qarl Linden) will head up the project to develop a ‘mesh deformer’ so that clothes will fit.

Qarl is a much-loved figure who is responsible for a number of great builders tools including sculpties which he worked on while employed at LL. Many felt it a great stupidity that LL lost him/sacked him…

The interesting thing about this, and why I call it revolutionary is that people have realised that LL is not the only show in town and have got together to improve/surpass the offerings from the Boys. In a traditional Hare and Tortoise scenario the Lab has bashed mesh out onto the web, incomplete and buggy and then settled down for a little snooze. The same as with Windlight, Chat, Search etc.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that grids are many, viewers are many and LL is just another service provider. The Lab’s lead in Virtual Worlds is eroding with each half-hearted attempt to bash out some new shiny toy without a thorough testing and de-bugging.

As the prim cost mounts as this new Land Impact Scam takes hold, the current level of prim cost (i.e. a prim in SL is 13 times more expensive [for a non-premium member] in SL than it is in InWorldz for example) I expect to see more people deciding that the costs outweigh the advantages and using other grids, and other means and teams to get what they need. It’s a sort of growing-up-independence.

We wish Qarl and team all the best and hope this will be available to all grids once mesh becomes integrated throughout Open Sim and all viewers.

Open source is moving steadily forward as the only alternative to corporate greed and laziness … sleeping by the roadside never won anyone a race.



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    Yeah baby, yeah!

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