Congratulations to the Lab and LEA.

Yes, the Lab has finally got it’s act together as I blogged earlier (23.9.11 via Wizzy) and has given the LEA 20 sims. Those are now being made available to artists and curators for the purpose of….Art.

I would be churlish of me to note that it only took the Lab 2.5 years for this part of the FastEasyFun spindoctoring to become reality, and that it may never have happened without the pushing and prodding of those involved in the Administration Group of the LEA…. so I won’t say that.
Well done to:
Bryn Oh
Dancoyote Antonelli
Dekka Raymaker
JayJay Zifanwe
L1 Loire
Sasun Steinbeck
Solo Mornington
Werner Kurosawa
….I would think it was like trying to push an elephant up a sculptie staircase.

I don’t actually share the pessimism of some who think it will erode the power of the individual art sponsor or curator.. I’m pretty sure there are more than 14 artists out there who know what to do with a sim, although following on from a convo with Selavy…it’s questionable how many know how to do that well….

….and I wonder how many will have the ability to read more than a few sentences of
1) LL Terms of Service
2) LL community standards
3) LEA Code of Conduct
…before wishing to die.

Still…I think it’s a good move and I hope the Admin Group will prioritise new artists who haven’t had a sim before. It would be boring if it was the same old suspects….

..and please… no more games. I think I am allergic to this current idea that, in order to get the Traffic, you have to turn everything into a game. LOL. If I wanted to play games, I’d be in World of Wallies killing pigs along with the other adolescents.
This idea that you need, as an artist, to have Traffic i.e. lots of people, is surely seriously misguided. If you don’t do art for your own development and enjoyment then bolstering your frail ego with Traffic is not gonna make you a happier Wannabe.

My suggestion would be to accommodate some of the best pieces of artists who have left SL but left their work behind. I have one or two such pieces which really deserve to go into an LEA Museum rather than lurking in my invent waiting for LL to delete them accidentally…

If you missed the details on Bryn’s blog, it’s here.

Good luck to you all.




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5 responses to “Congratulations to the Lab and LEA.

  1. jjccc

    The LEA is one of the best things in second life, it should of happened years ago, Creative minds coming together to make cool shit in the name of Art I love it

  2. @jjccc, yes, I believe the art in Virtual Worlds will be seen, more and more, as being something totally new and exciting. I hope the Lab’s commitment to the arts grows instead of being seen as a second rate use for SL.

  3. this is a nice thing indeed! and something they should do more of, i mean – my God – they can spare a few servers! =)

  4. @Ener, exactly my thoughts too.
    It’s not like they don’t have spare capacity, I mean, they lost 200 sims last week…and all they can afford is 20 for art?
    Art may well be the only saving grace for SL. Time to wise up!

  5. i am very happy to see this new LEA development, at long last.

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