Eating Your Own Dog Food.

There’s no way to dispute that the big news of the week is OccupyEverywhere even if the Lame Media is still trying to deny it. Channel 4, BBC and the Guardian have noticed it but the coverage from the real Corporate News has been worse than bad.

A good round-up by Miso as usual… there’s not much I can add to her sentiments except to say that until recently I thought that the fact that Americans tended to a lack of self-criticism was due to the size of their country. Like China and Russia the opportunity of watching other political systems closely was somewhat easier for people living in small countries bordered by other small countries, like in Europe.

The idea that criticising England makes you Un-English is laughable, literally… criticising England is a cultural norm for the English. We leave it to Australians and Norwegians to believe that they live in ‘God’s Own Country’…..and wisely so. Jung points out how Nationalism has a Shadow quality like Egoism on a country-wide scale allowing our countries to plunder and subjugate with a justification.

A huge country like China has no choice but to (metaphorically and literally) eat its own [dog] food, the upside being that fewer Chinese go hungry than Americans, according to a recent news item. This may be because rice tastes better than grits. The downside being that eating your own political dog food can give rise to the whole Putin phenomenon.. along with the fact that The King archetype runs deeper than logic.

Reading about slavery and taking this Slave Test this week reminded me of the 2.3 million slaves in the USA. American policy obviously concerns the World. The fact that they have a legal system based on a ball game (three Strikes and you’re out ..of society and into slavery) and jail more people (proportionally) than any other country (2.3 million) in the World doesn’t concern the World as much as, for example, the whole Drone issue. The idea is to allow drones eventually to make up their own minds as to when and who to kill.. by developing Artificial Intelligence, but the prospect of bugs,…well… future horror scenarios just slide steadily nearer.

The political criminals of Europe are on the verge of announcing a very very large secondary bail-out for the European Banks which will hopefully prevent the Dollar from collapsing completely, expect to hear the details next Sunday just before the Stock Markets open. The average citizen will not realise that they are being shafted again, it will go unnoticed. Greece will default on 50% of their loans and it will be spun to look like an agreement was made between the banks and Greece. The fact that my money was involved will go unmentioned. Another victory for the greedy.

For those who are in anyway unclear as to why there are people camped out on the streets of New York and other cities…consider the fact that the US president was ‘given’ $640,000,000 to run for election by people who expect some sort of thanks for doing so, and the next campaign budget is likely to show little change from a billion dollars i.e. the next President will be a billion ‘in debt’ when he takes office….as will the loser. Making the next Government 2 billion in [‘moral’] debt to corporations.

“Is there any point?” is a question I’ve been asked a couple of times..well.. Lalo pointed out a while back “resistance is never futile“.

Eating Your Own Dogfood came up in relation to an Anti-Google rant by a previous employee, Steve Yegge. His use of the term was to propose than if you develop a platform and don’t use it then you have no idea of its bugs and flaws…. well, that’s my interpretation of it…. right or wrong.

He says..”Microsoft has known about the Dogfood rule for at least twenty years. It’s been part of their culture for a whole generation now. You don’t eat People Food and give your developers Dog Food. Doing that is simply robbing your long-term platform value for short-term successes. Platforms are all about long-term thinking.”
…and further…..”The Golden Rule of Platforms, “Eat Your Own Dogfood”, can be rephrased as “Start with a Platform, and Then Use it for Everything.”
Full article here.

Now this I read on the same day as I read of the statement by Rodvik ..”Next, a large GUI change for all our users. Yup, we are taking another crack at UI design again… (Moria drums). So in fairly short order you will be enjoying a new Linden Lab UI AND new features to help things run amok in-world. Good or bad it will be glorious!

Why does this fill me with dread?

Well, it is not because I am not willing to change. Over my last 4 years in SL/VWs I have used…X number of different UIs. The viewers have changed continually. The reason I have this sort of disbelief in the Lab’s ability is related to this simple fact.. they don’t eat their own dog food…. they are never inworld (my interpretation).

…and as for “Start with a Platform, and Then Use it for Everything.” Well, the continuing tendency to export functions like shopping to Marketplace is surely, as I have said before, a case in point. The fact that it continues to be a source of woe and gnashing of teeth is also due to the fact than no-one at LL depends on it for their livelihood…. here pointed out by Avril Korman…

…. the argument that Marketplace is the same platform as SL doesn’t hold any relevance to me, one is 3D and one is 2D. Dragging people out of an immersive experience to a 90’s style shopping spree (with terrible search) is a crime against the 3D platform…. as is the rehashed, and unused, [ex] Avatars United…. and FB.

Now… two graphs that tell a story… one from Ener Hax shows the creeping decline of sim numbers in SL.. to just under 24,000, the other graph courtesy of Maria…here, shows Open Sim having around 19,000 sims. Well, obviously there will be a date in the near future when there are more OS sims than SL sims.. and that whole metaphor I used relating to the Hare and the Tortoise becomes increasingly likely. The future is more and more pointing to the Hypergrid enabled open source Metaverse.

Anyway…having stretched this post beyond the rational… [as usual?]
..I will leave you to a great Sunday and a good new week.




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5 responses to “Eating Your Own Dog Food.

  1. Emma Geraln

    Great post as always.

  2. Wonderful, I agree. xxxxx

  3. wowzers! great political article and i really like your perspective and it is so true and quite sad actually

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