Transubstantiation at InWorldz


Some of you may know already that I prepared the show I did at UWA called Transubstantiation at InWorldz before moving the whole thing to SL. Well, the show is now available for viewing high above Rainbow Country, soror Nishi Island if you didn’t manage to see it while it was in SL.


There is a little TP point at sea level at Rainbow Country ..see the photo below as it can be difficult to find tp points, or… you can check out my Profile, I’ll make sure it’s in my picks…


There is a machinima of the show in SL … and some of the rather esoteric theory behind the name …here… and while this forms the basis of any theological theory I have about my work, Creative Power is more the emotional statement I have made concerning Art. The two are linked, in my mind, anyway.

I plan to show this for a while, at least until I need the prims…which will be a while, I would think.




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3 responses to “Transubstantiation at InWorldz

  1. jayjay

    wow. looks awesome :)

  2. It’s not as good without the water we had at UWA but it’s a nice prototype of the show.

  3. what a fascinating build! i am so grounded in “semi-real” building that i even have a hard time with my floating lounge, which i have had for three years. i wish i would let myself go and build more creatively

    your photos stretch my thinking and maybe one day =)

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