Google Tightens the Thumb Screws while LL prays.

Yes, the process we were worried about, at least some of us were, whereby Google starts to integrate all its services into a Real Name dominated Google+ sheepfold, has started. The announcement was made on the Google Reader blog (yes, they have one) concerning the Reader…. here.

This is a shame as I haven’t really found any good alternative to Google Reader even though I’ve tried a few.

Now the recent statement by King Google that they would allow nyms does not necessarily mean that it will happen soon, or that it will happen in any form that is half-way acceptable. Personally it won’t affect how I view Google anyway and I doubt it will affect their Ultimate Fate either. “Everyone” is on FaceBook and that is unlikely to change, there just aren’t enough incentives to move for most people and their pets…. and Companies aren’t allowed in yet either.

Anyway I expect that Google plans to pile all its eggs into the one basket+ which is why I moved my blog from Blogger to this volcano-powered Icelandic haven of civility and privacy. I wonder what will happen to YouTube? ..well, there’s always Vimeo…

The Lab has made a couple of moves this week in amongst the Mega-prim-deletion cock-up and the erase-names-from-important-groups cock-up. The first is a mind-numbingly uninteresting idea that they will lose the sidebar in the New Viewer…. cool, just 18 months too late. It still, (from what I understand) won’t have the level of customisation permitted like Firestorm has [sorry…dodgy grammar]. Apparently you’ll be able to move some HUDs some places but not anywhere you like… we’ll see… this is all rumours. I’ve also heard there’ll be a sort of click/go-to confusing way of moving that gave one veteran SLer a form of sea sickness… sounds great!

I love some typos and when I read about Direst Delivery I spurted white wine spritzer over my keyboard (nearly). The new viewer will be enabled for Direst Delivery apparently even though a great many important questions remain unanswered… here….. like, obviously…what happens when you lose my inventory and my whole business goes down the pan? etc..

The most recent move by LL is to allow you, for a limited period only, to buy a sim or homestead with no set-up fees. Now, I’m not sure what your experience is but a short while back you couldn’t give sims away for free. I got offered free land and even saw a sim on offer. People dumped land for one reason only… no one was buying! not even for nothing. So, if this is the new plan to invigorate land sales (which are not land sales as you can’t own it anyway…) …well… good luck Boys.

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to everyone except the Boys that paying 1300% more for land (prims) in SL than it costs in Inworldz, for example, is not a great sales pitch. Inworldz isn’t the cheapest OS grid either. I have to put in a plug here for sim-on-a-stick and Ener Hax again the work she’s done on this is supercool.

Update on the Bitcoin mining situation…. my little miners have been sacked and new energetic GPU miners are now employed. Bitcoin may have bottomed out at about 2.4US$ …we will see how it goes. I’ll keep you informed when/if I ever make a buck.

/me pours another spritzer… the weekend starts here.



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3 responses to “Google Tightens the Thumb Screws while LL prays.

  1. you have to put a plug in me? i’m either leaking or it has to do with something that, umm, err, well maybe it’s best kept between me and soror! =p

    thanks on the nice words, my most sincere desire truly is to have people see if OpenSim is useful to them – i believe we are all creative beings and we just need to find our best ways to express that (and we should be able to do so freely, including expense) =)

    and LL really waved the set-up fees for a while? dang, that angers me, i spent $11-13K in those!

    and i’m cheesin’ hard on you bitcoin mining adventures! =)

  2. hmm, well… maybe that is because 3/4 of my mainland sim is vacant; half of THAT is marked “Governor Linden, maintenance” from 2008 and 2009… and the rest of it is on sale for 1.2L/m or even less. I’d seriously buy some… if i could afford tier. At least this way it will “stay green” which is fine by me…

    as far as Bitcoin, I was interested at first, but now some of the early “investors” actually rent cloud services to mine or set up small beowulf clusters of old pentium 4s or Core 2s so… they’ll be the only ones profiting. I like it for the interesting economic experiment though…

  3. I’m cautiously optimistic about Google moving to support public pseudonyms, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up requiring some sort of “verified” private identity disclosed to Google.

    On the Second Life set-up fee decision, it’s going to be interesting to see if there’s any spike in Sim purchases. One thing it will do is kill the owner-to-owner sale of islands, unless the seller bundles other assets.

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