A Mixed Bag…

Well I have neighbours now in InWorldz. For those who haven’t heard, Alizarin Goldflake and Maeve Eiren have bought an island near to my Rainbow Country and called it Alizarine Lakes…

This is Maeve’s side of the island, Aliz is still working on hers. She is busy with her grand opening, next week, as detailed here. I’ll post a reminder for those of you who are as forgetful as I am. As it’s Aliz’s first sim-wide show it promises to be pretty amazing, even I have been resisting the temptation for a sneak preview..

Juanita Deharo, one of the most talented of VW artists has bought an island very near to mine too which I am equally happy about…. and tho she is still experimenting I am sure it’s going to be pretty ‘knock out’.

A little further away from me, people I have not met yet… on the island called “Ardhon en Ceredir” a short raven’s flight from me…

… elven folk, Balpien Hammerer, who I believe I did meet at Morning Coffee once, and Astrud Osterham, have a more realistic landscape with elfenwood overtones.

The InWorldz Builders Festival, Dreamz and Visionz is soon to start and has a generous prize pool (thanks to Jeri Rahja, yet again sponsoring the arts in Iwz) for those who are interested. I will certainly be showing how I make stuff there along with many very talented folk. There are still plots … contact Quadrapop or Jeri, InWorldz..

…and this week sees the end of one of the most successful Art sponsorship ventures in SL. The UWA with the tireless Jayjay at its helm have shown 1700 art works in two years. This latest show features 98 pieces. There has not, to my knowledge, been anything like this before in any world and the praise is more or less unanimous. From famous ‘Art Stars’ like Bryn and SaveMe to total unknowns, showing for the first time, there has been a level playing field which has not gone without widespread attention and acclaim.

It would be great if the LEA could achieve anything like that level of competence…. and as a bit of PR the #OccupyLEA team tped in last night after having caused a minor heart attack at the SL Stock Exchange … funny how no one has a sense of humour these days. These Virtual worlds are a Serious Business, it seems. Full details from the political arm of the FOC…here.[actually the page is down as we speak…I hope it reappears]…. i.e. Miso’s blog.

On a somewhat more serious VW political theme… boycott SpotOn3D is interesting. I have had my problems with SpotOn as mentioned before in these pages, but I thought it was mainly just extremely poor PR but Virtual Clover is extremely pissed … here. Trying to patent what was free code… hmm.. I seem to think that’s how Microsoft started up…

Of a far more generous nature… Kirsten, one of the Few Who Know How To Make a Viewer is looking for Crowd funding as Nalates so rightly reminds us…details here. I have not really heard much positive about the SL new, new viewer. Dr Fran Tweeting…”Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash. Welcome to the new #sl viewer, improving my Second Life like nothing else.” ….hmmm….doesn’t sound good.

…and there’s an answer to SecondLie’s (or was it Crap’s) question “where’s all this amazing mesh that’s supposed to be changing SL forever?” or words to that effect…well… the answer is it may well take forever but how’s this… from the hand of the talented Claudia222 Honour’s new pet, Felix. wow.

Well…probably I should stop or it’ll be all “TL;DR” and I’ll die of caffeine deficiency….

Have a great day/evening




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4 responses to “A Mixed Bag…

  1. You guys are amazing and what you bring to InWorldz is beautiful. Did I say I was a fan of yours and Alzarin’s work?

  2. Thanks Bradd, that’s very kind.

  3. Alizarin Goldflake

    TY Bradd :) and double TY TY soror for the advance publicity!

  4. Thanks for the quick pingback ;-)

    I’ve bookmarked your site and will add it in my resources links!

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