UWA … time to vote

As I mentioned in a weekend post, this is the last time that the UWA will be doing it’s monthly art competition. I thought I’d give you a few reasons to go and vote before Saturday night….

There are great pieces by the usual suspects, Miso (above), Aliz, Wizzy and I all have pieces showing there.

It’s great to see piece’s by people who I haven’t heard of, or, in some cases seldom.
I have enjoyed a few very simple, but well composed pieces this month, like this piece (above) by Vasiliki Decosta.

…and Simotron Aquila. Simple and elegant.

Some great textures too….

Oona Eiren, with some wonderful textures.. and..

Hypatia Pickens, again, wonderful.

I even went as far as to download the SL Viewer 3 (which is total crap unless you like an fps of 4.8) to see the mesh offerings there..

This piece by Luna Metamorphia, very well sculpted..

..and trees…yumm…I love the foliage in this piece by Sea Mizin.

Cherry Manga has a great piece too, but it wasn’t possible to get a good photo of it…

This piece is a bit of fun…

Surely the smallest piece there… by Yooma Mayo.

Another beautiful piece (detail) by Spiral Silverstar… maybe my favourite wall piece in the show…

Solkide Auer has, I think, produced his best piece yet. I think that ‘Omnibus’ is a truly excellent piece, and one which I really love.

I would have to mention Moeuhane Sandalwood’s piece too… It’s a simple piece about sails, but I liked it for its clarity.

When it comes to Blue Tsuki‘s piece (this is just a teaser photo) there is a lot I could say. I really like it (that’s the first thing) and I thoroughly enjoy the enigmatic atmosphere of it.
I love being teased and tested, mentally. Maybe that’s why I hate games and clicking things and being told what to think/feel… and one reason I loved ‘Blue in Dreams‘ by Blue.

[whoops…rant warning!!]
Too many artists preach at me. I don’t need to see dead babies to know that war is bad. I don’t need to have my ‘awareness’ of AIDs increased…it’s bad too, we get it! I don’t mean by that that there’s anything wrong with political art, but… I do have more than 5 brain cells and an attention span larger than a gold fish. I don’t need to be told the Bleeding Obvious, thanks all the same…. and Lassie-Come-Home wringing of my emotional life I can live without, I’m not a highly strung 12 year old any longer…. Thanks..:))

So… to get back to art… I would highly recommend you pop over to UWA before the weekend.
It’s a show unmatched.




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9 responses to “UWA … time to vote

  1. jayjay

    oh my… thanks soror… you’ve made me see parts of some of the artworks i had not seen…

  2. Thanks, soror, for the great pictures and comments. This truly is a worthy end to a spectacular year. There are no less than 99 entries, many of them very big, so the gallery is stuffed to the gills. There is only a brief time to vote and see the work (voting ends 6PM Friday) so I urge people to dedicate as much time as possible this week to see it all.


  3. Ah, FreeWee you have worked so hard at all this. I’m sure I speak for many when I say thanks.

    OK >..friday…thanks for the correction….

  4. Moeuhane Sandalwood

    Thank you soror. Very kind.

  5. Must get there…so sorry to hear about UWA. Another edu departs for the vapors.

  6. Spiral Silverstar

    I am quite honored to be mentioned by such an outstanding artist as yourself, Soror. Thank you very much. The last month appears to be one of the best for artworks at UWA.

  7. jayjay

    its only the last month of the monthly art challenges. UWA itself is not dissapearing with the vaoprs or anything like that

  8. ty soror for your kind words. One of the nicest parts about the Challenge was meeting you (you gave me a fabulous flower) and seeing your work there many times.

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