Is Google Becoming a Joke?

…and not a very amusing one at that…

I, and millions like me, have got used to using our own brains and wit to judge and validate the stream of stuff we get off the Internet. If Google becomes an extension of government mind-control I will personally pass them by … it’s already started.

The Transparency Report issued by Google yesterday shows that during the 6 months from January to June they complied with 93% of user data requests (i.e. sharing personal stuff with the Government) and 63% of content take-down requests. Which is quite a high proportion. These are US figures.

In the UK they removed 135 videos for ‘national security’ reasons when asked according to a piece by The Guardian. …along with handing over loads of personal data too. The 71% increase in demands is obviously because they know Google will comply.

The heavy-handed Police gassing and shooting in Oakland was also the subject of a request for content removal and I would love to know how that panned out. I know Google didn’t take down the videos, but I would love to know how that decision was reached and who made it. Do they have a backbone after all? Google balls?

…and what happens in a case like Atlanta where the police declare that reporting of the OccupyAtlanta event is illegal (they allegedly said they would arrest any Media entering the area) and the very common practice in UK and USA of telling people “you can’t film/photograph here”… who decides what is legal. Well, hopefully, Google has better lawyers than the Police.

Since I asked “Google+ … the new Big Brother?” it has more and more seemed to be exactly the intent of Google to do evil, by default. (I know that sounds a bit extreme, but it was their catch phrase, not mine, so they are bound to have it thrown back at them.) Their aim to become an identity service with no feed-back controls by the user really is exactly what all Governments and controlling authorities have dreamed of since time began. Pure 1984. Any number of past and current repressive regimes and Governments would be staggered that people offer/ed up so much personal information, willingly.

Well, as I reported recently, Google Reader is being sucked into Google+ and now, a logical next step… Blogger it seems is the next candidate. Now, while this post is not any official mouth piece of Google, and it seems that Google currently notifies you that anonymous Blogging and Google+ don’t mix … I think the writing is on the wall.

The thing is that even if Google+ does now [“soon”] allow Nyms, as has recently been indicated, it is unlikely to do so without Google requiring your real name to register. I would bet on that. So, with 93% of personal data requests from the authorities being met, with hacking possibilities and, of course, the fact that from one day to the next they could withdraw any privacy option … well… I wouldn’t trust them…. I certainly don’t like the idea of giving them my phone number (especially my mobile … I worry about Drones :))).

Now…there is no way I am going to commit large amounts of time, energy, and personal information to a platform I don’t trust. That is a joke.

so…Unthink sent me an invite today and I thought I’d get the low-down for this post…however it seems “UNTHINK is over capacity. Please try again later.”… oh well, it was bound to be popular with a pretty girl saying hip stuff on a cool video. They may have over-cooked the coolness a bit from my British perspective but…I’ll wait and see…. (I refuse to use all caps too).

Have a good week..:))



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3 responses to “Is Google Becoming a Joke?

  1. Since I dropped my G+ account within a month of the First Adoption wave, I wonder what effect, if any, the nomming of Blogger will have on the content I mirrored to Squarespace, but haven’t taken off Blogger yet (lazy…) — and I wonder how much longer before G+ assimilates Picasa, and whether not having a G+ account will matter there. I hope not — neither Flickr nor Photobucket seem like viable alternatives.

    It’s not only a British perspective that thinks “Unthink” overcooked the coolness in their video… Meanwhile, I have accounts at both Diaspora* and Subjot that I haven’t even looked at in weeks. Does anyone need more than one “social network”? I sure don’t… Twitter gets it done for me.

    Among other things, it’s how I learn my friends have blogged… like, this one :)

  2. I second Lalo, I learn about what the blogs I follow and what friends are saying from Twitter.

    As it happens I have never bothered with Google+ nor with Google beyond search I guess. Well, I do have a Blogger site but, to be honest, I haven’t written much to it recently and nor can I be bothered until I move it to Word press.

    I have a Yahoo email account too and they have been pestering me to upgrade to their application, which I wont do – the web is good enough for me even if it’s not for them. They also pester me for my mobile number. It’s getting too crazy how these networks try to get into your personal life.

    Do we really need all this crap? I think they need it more than we do.

    Perhaps the only thing that impressed me recently from Second Life was Rod Hubble’s stated commitment to avatar names, not that I can see how LL could even begin to contemplate how to change to real names given the mess of Display names and all that. Still, if they keep avatar names their SL profiles might marry up with twitter in some useful way that is not intrusive.

    Oh for a simple online future! Or I should I shut the whole damn thing down and go back to watching TV ?
    Not a bad idea *laughs* I actually like good British dramas like House of Eliott, etc, etc.

  3. Yes, I have to agree totally with you Gaga and Lalo, Twitter does me fine. I find it easier to ‘edit’ than FB et al through who I follow.. and… I have no use for more than a few tweets per day.
    Social Networks are actually a stream of consciousness/unconsciousness from a mass of people you don’t really know.
    It’s like watching a team of people surf the net on your computer.

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