Unthink … ermm… oh dear.

I finally got onto Unthink and started to do my thing, be hip and cool, to strutt my stuff… just like the cool chick spouting inane pleasantries in the vid. Well, I know adverts lie… but …well.  [The word unthink has been around since 1600 according to Websters, and means to ‘put out of your mind’ … strange choice of name, then.]

I objected quite strongly to a site spouting ‘freedom’ and ‘privacy’ requiring firstly my age and secondly my home town. Luckily it didn’t object to me saying I am 106 years old and living at Manchester Airport. There were no options other than Male or Female either, which I thought rather short-sighted of them.

At first it all looks fine…I get to decide the privacy settings on 4 profiles… a personal one called Social, one called Lifestyle and one called Professional … all OK so far. …the fourth is a Public stream. I set them all to Private. That should then have made me invisible, I thought. Well, best unthink that assumption.

It seems that unless I pay 24$ a year I am visible to… “Premium Businesses and Premium Summit members” oh…and a sort of Anonymous version of my profile is available to advertisers. The paying version is not yet available it seems. I guess they need to clock up profiles to get the “Premium Businesses” to pay the premium. Well, they have $2.5 million in funding from DouglasBay Capital to repay it seems.

OK…so we know this is the way the world works…. even if I forget this small thing…i.e. that the rhetoric about privacy and freedom is just rhetoric… am I still interested?

Let’s move on… it’s Beta..lots of stuff doesn’t work, or works very slowly. Let’s talk design. Not hip, cool or very good I thunk. I find it hard to take “iUNTHINK” as a word in any situation and am not sure if I want to be known as an “unthinker” (I live next door to people like that), but that might again be me being slightly too prissy…

Where I do draw the line, however, and call it a day is regarding the League

I have to choose if I am … *cringe*…

Unthink all things / Lead the charge
For you, unthinking is all about the opportunity to challenge authority, initiate change, create what has never been created before. All things can benefit from being unthought and you are determined to lead the charge.
Unthink to improve or fix things / Lead the effort
You like solving problems, fighting injustice, making things right, proving your worth by improving the world. You Unthink in order to find better ways to do things and you are willing to champion the causes you believe in.
Unthink all things / Contribute to expert effort
You seek a better life, like to explore options, have thirst for wisdom and look for truth in everything. You believe all things can benefit from being unthought and you contribute your experiences and ideas to enable expert unthinking.
Unthink to improve or fix things / Contribute to expert effort
You are passionate about helping transform pain to healing; helping fix anything that does not work properly. You firmly believe: if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need unthinking and like to strengthen and support expert effort.
Weigh what to Unthink / Weigh how to contribute
Prudence and calm judgement guide your decision of what to Unthink and how you go about it. For you not all things can benefit from being unthought. You weigh, on a per case basis, how to contribute and who to trust

It gets worse…there are leagues for Lifestyle and Professional which I will spare you the details of. It reads like a questionnaire straight out of Cosmo. If you score 50 to 100% you are a total pratt just too sexy for the web, or the universe, probably…. yukk.

Anyway… I’ll stop now…let’s just say I think it will be great for the under 16’s.

On the subject of ‘social’ media, however, David Shing a “digital prophet” [cringe 70%] is as irritated with the whole social media thing as many of us are…. he has told his bosses [at AOL] that defriending and unfollowing are going to be the next big thing as users realise that the increasing “noise” on social networks is counterproductive…. full article here.

I’d probably go further as Gawker has and agree with their headline “Die, Facebook, Die”..I would certainly agree with their closing sentence..”We’d recommend hanging out on Twitter until this whole Facebook thing blows over.”

That’s what I’ll do, too.




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5 responses to “Unthink … ermm… oh dear.

  1. Great post! “….defriending and unfollowing are going to be the next big thing as users realise that the increasing “noise” on social networks is counterproductive”

    I totally agrees!! Its so not cool to have a “zillion friends” in Facebook or SL. I want my friendlist to be genuine. Not easy but I try hard at least to make it so. I was never in to that “collecting as many friends as u can” thingie. Its impossible to keep up as it is…

    Social networks can bring us totally out of control if we dont learn how to use them and put them in a short leash.
    TGIF and hugss! //Mera

  2. i agree. i was quite disappointed to find that the service that was supposed to FREE me was even more blatantly selling me and marketing me to businesses and corporations. luckily, i was able to enter mostly nonsense and bullshit to such questions as whether i am a rebel or a sage. i call bullshit. so much for Unthink.

  3. Thanks for doing the leg work soror! Still another site I don´t have to waste my time trying to get into…

  4. Well, as I’ve said before, ‘social’ media aren’t really that social. I think VW’s are very social by comparison, so ‘social’ media are a bit old fashioned. Just far too much noise.

  5. It’s so great to live my late primary school and highschool days over; friending, unfriending; inviting to my pajama parties and snubbing in the girl’s bathroom; whispering and stuffing the ballot box for Homecoming Queen! And it’s great to know that this time around I’m worth more than an extra Twinkie, stick of gum or clandestine smoke behind the girl’s gym!

    And about unthink, why; I never even thought of it! Shows you how far ahead of the curve I am! *taps fashionable Clueless Melrose shoes*

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