Alizarin Goldflake

I have a few artist friends and as far as I understand, both from what they say and my own experience, there are far fewer people who can draw well than there are those that paint. In the past, drawing, life models, still life etc, was an important part of any art training.  Sometime after the 70’s the ability to use a pencil decreased in importance and, as far as I know, that attitude hasn’t changed much.

This left certain of my friends in a very strong position when it came to challenging the “Abstract Crowd’ who thought that splashing some colour around the canvas constituted Art.

Alizarin is a Master Drawer.

The pencil (digital, nowadays) is her tool. This makes her work truly unique in VWs for I doubt there is another person who draws as well as she does…. on any grid.

The effect this has on her textures has to be seen to be understood, for, as a direct consequence of this, no-one makes such beautiful textures as Aliz.



After 8 months working on a sim in InWorldz she is now opening tonight. Nazz Lane has the full details here. It’s today/night, Saturday, October 29, 12 – 3 pm PDT. It’s InWorldz. 

The sim is another great addition to the growing group of arts sims sponsored by Jeri Rahja who has more lined up for your delectation later in the year after the Festival which I will blog about later.

If you don’t often come to InWorldz, it’s worth making the effort just to see this.

Oh, and Aliz has the best range of sushi waiting for you.







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