Life, the Internet and stuff…

I got fed up with all my bookmarks yesterday and deleted them so I may have fewer links than usual. That’s the sort of mood I’ve been in, rather intolerant of the crap.
It all started when I decided to OccupyMyCupboards.. after having read a list of things I could do to support the Occupy folk I decided that buying local was A Good Thing and went to the farmer’s market and bought horribly expensive bread and cheap veg. Pickling onions were amongst my purchases as I know home made pickled onions are about twenty times better than shop bought… good idea. So…it shows how long it is since I made them because the last time Sarson’s Pickling Vinegar had instructions on the back of the label…oh, well, I thought…I’ll just look it up on the Internet, Sarson’s is bound to have a site….

This is where it all goes wrong… Sarson’s, a major vinegar player… has a site that makes you want to scream…. here. The last entry is 2007… need I say more. If you try and find a recipe on it…well, for onions…forget it. The attempt at engaging a wider vinegar community obviously failed…in spite of good intentions. Now…that’s OK these words we post will be around for hundreds or thousands of years in one form or another…. like the space junk orbiting earth they may eventually blot out the sun forcing new space ships to have snow ploughs strapped to the front of them to barge thro the crap…. like Search.

My encounter with the Dead Vinegar Community just reinforces my current feelings, articulated by Botgirl (separating the signal from the noise) this week, that social media is mostly drivel. The mumblings and undigested ramblings of the 99% of fools that inhabit cyberspace…. and if you think that’s harsh, consider the RT I received this week of someone livetweeting their childbirth. Now, please, most bodily functions are surely not tweet material?

This just reinforces the idea I posted last week from some media guru that unfollowing, blocking and deleting are surely the only way forward…. or we’ll drown in live births and livetweeting of #cupofteamaking.

[pickled onions just get soaked in salt water for 24 hours before being dried off and submerged (in clean jars) under the vinegar for at least 2 weeks]

@supportLinden is probably the non-event of last week, a twitter stream remarkable in its lack of a reason to exist. My tweet to the effect that we have been supporting Lindens for years and how it’s a shame it’s not reciprocal was not responded too .. well, no surprise there. I guess this ‘reaching out’ to the ‘Community’ is cheaper than actually repairing anything… and goes alongside the ‘announcement’ that the fiasco regarding Last Names was being ‘considered’ … just like FaceCrack is considering Nyms, I guess.

Some people are still having problems with SL and their asset servers (? is that the problem…who knows…) with dodgy loading/non-loading of textures and stuff. I personally don’t have a problem, but then I don’t have a top-end Nvidia card or Vista/7. It does point to the relevance of a post by Lady Sakai concerning the fact that it is taking Tranq a little longer than previously thought to introduce physics to Inworldz because he wants to do it well. Good, I’m happy to wait for the real thing rather than a bodged attempt.

[I’m currently engaged in building for the InWorldz Festival and it’s been great to see a few new SL faces over there this week.]

My second rant, tho it has to be slightly more measured than a full frontal on the Vinegar Community, stems from the few occasions I have sat in front of the TV this last week. A poor starving child illustrates to me that I am, basically, callously allowing her and thousands like her to die in HD in my front room because I don’t send her $2 a month, (I don’t really have a HD set). She is dying, the tigers are being made extinct and the Poles are melting because I am too mean. I am a mean, worthless pile of crap and the Charities are all Heros. Damn.

I don’t know how many charities there are, I’m guessing tens of thousands, maybe even 100,000 charities. I could sleep on the streets having given all my money away only then to rely on a homeless charity to house and feed me, but that does seem a little extreme. There isn’t any fat in my accounts after my compulsory contributions to Keep Bankers Rich and Bomb Poor People, sponsored by HM Gov.

So…I better state here, quite clearly for those that are a bit slow.. “I do not hate any charities“. I just wonder, for example, if I need to attend or participate in an Art Event that “raises awareness” on behalf of some obviously deserving charity on the grounds that I know that, for example,  X.X.X.X., an incurable disease, is a Bad Thing. Yes… and?? I am aware of that … attending your event will do what? Make me more aware, make me feel less guilty that I don’t have it? I don’t understand why.

I have contributed pieces to SL auctions, and have no problem with doing so. It is a pleasure to be able to do what I can. …but… my compassion is wearing thin. Sorry, that’s the truth. The more charities there are, the more of them I have to ignore …because…100,000 charities is too many… simply put.

How are charities being used? How is the moral high-ground being inhabited and what is the intent of those doing so? Sorry, I have to ask.

It is the season of Perfume adverts and dying children, and that’s a tricky one.

In other bits and pieces… :))

This week I also became aware, thanks to JayR Cela, of a viewer for older hardware. It seems that even a Pentium 2 can use it and get into SL ….so I thought it worth passing on. Details here. It’s one of those pieces of info that you would think SL would make available…

…and last but not least… nice post by Simon…about how distracting the Internet is… here.



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5 responses to “Life, the Internet and stuff…

  1. I can relate! As I tweeted many moons ago, “Some days it all sounds like blah, blah, blah.” But I think it’s mostly subjective. For instance, one aspect of social media that seems like noise to me, but plays an important role for many people is the social lubricant dimension. A lot of the long-winded banter, cute cat animations, etc. are used to create and maintain a sense of camaraderie and community. Unfortunately, I suspect I have the yet to be documented affliction of Social Network Asperger Syndrome (SNAS). :)

  2. Before some wizard talked me into using Twitter, I joked about what I’d heard about it, based on my experiences with early AIM, ICQ, MSN and the other Imessengers: “hey, I’m eating cornflakes!” “crunchcrunchcrunch!” “Opps I dropped my spoon” “5-second rule!” “Is it ok to slurp the milk from the bowl?” My opinion did not change much when I kept getting tweets from A Big Star everytime she was breastfeeding her baby or it threw up. At least she didn’t tweet “Baby M just pooped again!” so I was grateful for that.

    I understand and agree with Botgirl’s point about “social lubricant” but sometimes you just want to walk in the woods, far away from any electronic or physical company, which is what I did this week; refreshing.

    As to supporting Lindens, it’s a telling trend that any critical examination or questioning of Linden actions is met with belittlement, reverse “avatarism,” sarcasm or outright attack. Despite the fact that some Lab policies do far more damage to SL than critical words, the marginalizing and condemnation continue; unlike hamsters who switch positions with ease at any vagrant breeze, the critical positions at least attempt consistency of position. The fact that enough pro Linden-actions posts from the same sources is conveniently ignored in the “argument.” None of the cogent points raised by critical voices is engaged; only the fact that they are “saying bad things about the Lab,” proving once again that SL mirrors RL.

    Thx for the info regarding Rainbow! Maybe it will work on my Thinkpad without SL crashing if I move, turn or try to TP!

    As far as pickling and onions, I can’t help there; maybe you can start a charity for it. “Think of all the poor onions that will never be pickled…”

    Finally, for the record, I do not hate SL. However, some of the people in it are seriously irking me…

  3. @ Botgirl, yes, the social lubricant point is very valid, I do it myself, and it is the ‘social’ part of social networks. SMAS…brilliant!! hehehehe
    @Miso, yes, the walk in the woods is important, I get that on a weekly basis, luckily.
    The charity for Onions In Need is one worth considering….

  4. “How are charities being used? How is the moral high-ground being inhabited and what is the intent of those doing so? Sorry, I have to ask.” I have thought a lot about that too. It feels like some ppl use charities only for their own profits…
    Rainbow viewer yay! But i actually love V3, it doesnt eat my CPU as the other clients do :P

  5. Maeve

    Hi sys :) … Just fyi and apropos of knee-jerks and heart-tugs. My long-time, inherited rule-of-thumb (having a hyphenated day here) is this: if a cause doesn’t grab you by the clock, then leave your wallet for those charities that do make you want to contribute time and effort and skin to them. I don’t contribute $$ without becoming extremely active in a charity (or politicalcause). That way I get to know how much of every $ given makes it to the ‘need,’ and maybe influence some improvements. It’s nice to ‘read’ you… haven’t seen you much lately :( Hugs.

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