9 minute texture for 9 minute mushroom.

Earlier in the year I did a little tutorial for Blender on how to make a mushroom in 9 minutes on Blender. I realise, of course, that it would take a beginner more like an hour to do it, but the point was that Blender is actually not that difficult if you don’t try and learn how a bit at a time.

Now a couple of people have asked me to go further with the tutorials, and, to that end I have produced an accompanying tutorial on how to texture that mushroom.

The result would, for me, be an initial texture which I would improve over the next few days until it became a thing of beauty. This tutorial is, however, just meant to demonstrate the principles involved in doing so.


So…that should get you started..




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2 responses to “9 minute texture for 9 minute mushroom.

  1. Blender is an awesome program if you are patient. and once you learn it (it’s almost entirely keyboard driven) you’ll find that you can model very quickly with it (by you i don’t mean soror, i mean a generic you)

    HOWEVER . . . in my six years of using it, i find that if i go several months without using it, then i have to relearn it to a large extent (i did both modelling in it and then animation with lots of IPO curve fine tuning as well as messing with a zillion rendering settings – my biggest project took 24 computers running 24/7 for 2 weeks to render out 90 seconds of animation!)

    i used to use it weekly, sometimes 40 hours a week and then stepped away from it for two years and what a mess!

  2. My Blender method is not keyboard driven, I use very few shortcuts and teach none. The way I do it is all point and click, over time I have learnt a few shortcuts but, generally, I find there’s enough to learn without them. It is quite intuitive if you play around a lot, and the new UI is generally an improvement but it does take time to get to know it well.
    It is possible to learn a few basic uses for Blender like learning a few tunes on a piano and with some people that will be a preferable way to learn rather than trying to achieve an understanding of everything Blender can do before they start. Learning all the shortcuts on top of all that sends most people running for cover and a drink.

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