InWorldz Skin and Hair Fair.

Well, a year ago it would not really have been possible, there were not that many merchants/designers producing high quality stuff in InWorldz. Some, it is true, had started and a few had been there from the beginning, almost, but the breadth of product would not have warranted a Fair.

As it says… 6th to the 13th November and, as we speak not all the stalls have been set up, but already it is obviously well worth the visit.

Meanwhile the builders are rezzing away at the InWorldz Festival where 4 sims are bearing the signs of extreme creativity as small 900 prim builds are popping up all over the place.

An interesting month for InWorldz for sure. I keep getting surprised at who I meet there too, I think a lot of people got accounts there earlier in the year and are now beginning to get used to the idea of visiting more regularly from SL. Certainly good skins are high on the list of all except the hardiest pioneers…. and something worth seeing is surely up there too.

I am now looking forward to a second wave of high quality accessories… (please!!) … like glasses, belts, weirder hair and classier bit and bobs. Underwear is OK but “could do better”…:)) Come on you SL geniuses… free shops available… what have you got to loose.

Meanwhile the big virtual news this week is SL’s testing of elements that can be used to make games. I must say I have mixed reactions to this. While I appreciate that for some this is an “at last” moment having begged for stuff like this for years, it leaves me cold. If someone said…because you can stretch a prim to 64 meters now we will upgrade the linking distance from 32 meters… I would say YAY! (at last) or..increased the link set size, great! It just seems to me there are a whole raft of improvements that could be made to the building tools in SL to bring them up to OS standards before introducing new elements, but then, I’m not a gamer.

I have a list of wishes… here…add your own…I repeat my plea to TPV devs… Fullbright on a slider…please!!

Anyway… I am very happy with InWorldz builders tools. Little things like the Transparent button on the textures panel (Imprudence), Link and Unlink on the edit HUD…those are the things that make building easier along with linksets mentioned above.

I’m always amazed at what people manage to do with new tools and I’m sure we’ll all be amazed at how these new ones are used, so I welcome the improvements.
But, to repeat myself… “could do better”.

I think I neglected to pass on this link to Ener’s blog. She did a very interesting piece on the relative lag of prims and textures.. if you missed it it’s here. I guess my idea for 2024 tex is out the window for a few years…..

Have a good week…



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