On cooking a small fish…

2,500 years ago some Chinese guys wrote down some inherited wisdom into a little book, the exact details of how it came about are lost in the mists of time and aren’t really that important. It is sufficient to say that words that have been respected for 2,500+ years are worth looking at under the ‘no smoke without fire’ category.

Ruling a big kingdom is like cooking a small fish” starts one thought, [no. 60. John C. H. Wu translation, Tao Teh Ching] the idea being that it is easy for anyone to get in their own way, i.e. I can be my own obstacle as can a Leader of a big country. Cooking a small fish doesn’t need much, too much heat and it burns, too much fiddling about and it falls apart. Bung it in a pan … wait… turn it once…wait…it’s done to perfection. Period.

There are various ways I boobie-trap myself. On a design level, for example, I can fall into the trap of thinking that I have to come up with Something New and lose myself in cloud-cuckoo-land instead of doing what I do well or better than before.

This phrase/thought came to mind today after visiting the InWorldz Festival of Dreamz and Visionz which, by the way, is not yet finished or open…(I’m building there so got a preview). I consider myself to be sceptical, picky, cynical and generally bored by second-rate ‘Art”…. but I was blown away.

I just started looking around on the sim that I’ve build ‘Villa soror Nishi’ on, one of four which will be available for your viewing pleasure on the 12th. I saw some staggeringly good stuff. Not only great new pieces by Betty Tureaud, Mouser, Ub, Wizzy, RAG, Teal, Scarp and Julia Hathor but excellent builds by people I have yet to meet… Alix Walpole, Nico Basum and La Toymaker….and that was just in 30 minutes, and I didn’t see everything on the sim… and not everything was finished. Upto 16 builds per sim I think, so 50 to 60 builds I assume.

So, as I said I was a bit blown away. I’ve been used to stuff at BL or SLB# where you have to search among the Art Debris (told you I was picky) to find something good….. and being the sort of person I am I had to ask myself why.

The thing about InWorldz is that it has become a place where a lot of builders and artists come to escape SL, so most of the people showing there have probably quite a few builds under their belts and years of experience.  Why had they come to InWorldz? Well, partly because the Founders here are builders [I talked about LL not ‘eating their own dogfood’ before] and partly because they don’t get in their own way.

LL has continually been it’s own worse enemy, even ardent fangirls have to admit that. Trying to diversify, catch the Next Big Thing, poor service, and generally being too clever for their own good is enough to sink any company when they lose sight of their core business. Rod’s latest announcement of how they are experimenting on new products does not do anything for me, sure, I might get a few bones thrown my way, but this is LL looking for a new platform, i.e. no benefit when tp’s aren’t even working.

I believe that this InWorldz renaissance of ‘your world, your imagination’ is simply SLers who have understood more of VWs than LL and taken action gravitating to a Safe Haven where they can be left alone to do what they do best…. build, create, grow. Seems like the Founders of InWorldz know how to cook a small fish, as does Jeri who is sponsoring the event with Quad helping, organising and curating.

All I can suggest is that you mark Saturday 12th as InWorldz Day and pop over if you aren’t normally there. The Skin and Hair Fair is still on (see previous post) so if you need to deRuth … perfect….(there’s tons of freebies anyway).

I have taken loads of photos but, really, I think it would be a ‘spoiler’ to show you any…. come see for yourself.

The Tao Teh Ching verse ends…”If only the ruler and his people would refrain from harming each other, all the benefits of life would accumulate in the Kingdom.”

A(wo)men to that.




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