Earn Big Money From Home !!

Want to be RICH??

Stay at home and drink coffee all day??

Now, you too can be an internet millionaire just by following the simple steps laid out in soror Nishi’s new self-help guide for businesses.



This new book by the famous soror Nishi will show you how to…

1) Go through all your old invoices..

2) Rebill everyone you’ve ever dealt with..

3) Sit back and wait for the cash to ROLL IN.

Yes, it really is that simple.

This is a well tested technique used by such internet millionaires as Linden Lab, makers and owners of Second Life!! No extra effort is required this is a guaranteed to succeed scheme. Why break your back working? Just sit back and watch your bank account fill up!! You’ll be lazing by the pool in next to no time.

This book “Rebilling” is not available in The Marketplace and not for sale on price comparison websites, it’s an exclusive, one-off offering to the public for a mere $78. [Prices correct at time of going to press. Terms and conditions apply. You will be rebilled regularly for your purchase.]

Get it NOW!!!





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8 responses to “Earn Big Money From Home !!

  1. I order 10 so I can give them as a present to Josina Burgess, Velzquez Bonneto, Merlina Rokocoko, Newban Zsigmond, Georg Janick, Bryn Oh, Constuctivist Solo, Flora Nordenskiold, Igor Ballyhoo and Silvio Berlusconi.

  2. I highly recommend this book by my former protege, soror Nishi. When we first met, Ms. Nishi was a poor, over-mortgaged artist, barely keeping her family fed. Now she is worth ONE MILLION LINDENS in equity and has houses in TWO worlds!

    Ms. Nishi has years of experience working for MisoCO, toiling in obscurity from sorting in the mailroom to running the very complex organization that is MisoCO. Her secrets will dazzle you!

    Among other things, soror can teach you how to:

    1. Rip-off *cough* erm, I mean REPURPOSE other people’s work (like Crystal Quest)

    2. How to run Endowments programs for your friends!

    3. Make millions of spacebux and become eligible for the FIC!

    “I can’t imagine not having the wisdom of soror Nishi behind me” said Hamster Ow, well-known blogger and virtual worlds Death-Watch Mortician.

    “soror’s wisdoms helped me attain FIC status in almost no time!” said Pork-o-Fry Nova, resident Crazy Person.

    And see above for an endorsement from the famous SaveMe Oh, notorious Art Rapist!

    [signed by some secretary for]
    Miso Susanowa
    CEO and President of MisoCO

  3. @ SaveMe … You think Silvio needs a copy? Maybe Super Mario does though … he could have Silvio’s copy.

    @Miso… Thank you for your MisCo endorsement, I was particularly struck to have the Death-Watch Mortician’s blessing too, if only my book does as well as his I’ll be happy. I will send you a signed first edition and bill you regularly thereafter. I know this will convince Pork of my anti-technocommunist leanings.
    FIC , here I come!!

  4. Alizarin Goldflake

    duly noted. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

  5. i can add nothing intelligent here.

  6. I can pass on this brilliant idea:

    Group Notice From: Art, jjccc Coronet
    Do you want 20K for sending attached note card to Jayjay Zifanwe just rename the notecard with your name added instead of mine and send it to Jayjay Zifanwe you may win 20,000L$ for entry
    This notice has an attachment.

    I guess you don´t need to see the attached notecard to get the idea :))

  7. @ Apmel… loved the “there’s an Apmel for that” quote … excellent.

  8. Maeve

    …aka “Rebil with a Clause”
    Ok, if you want to retaliate or one-up or whatever, come find M.E. :) Hugs

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