Hands like a brickie …

Well, in case you wonder what I have been up to, not that you necessarily do but I haven’t been mouthing off about anything recently and I wouldn’t want you to think that a) I was ill, or b) that I had suddenly become a conservative nun, I thought I’d just drop a note about the various going’s on in my little computer room.

My printer has been side-lined to make way for a little work table and the Plaster of Paris has emerged from the cupboard. My hands are a mess, jeez this stuff dries em out faster than you can blink…. and craft materials empty the bank account pretty fast too.

I’m hatching a plan, well, a model actually, now that I have figured how to cast a transparent eggshell, something that has taken me 3 years to work out (I’m a little slow but normally get there in the end). So…it’s full speed ahead (it’ll take forever to do) with my next RL tree.

I’ll also be revisiting my first RL tree (above) to try and mould it so I can sell some copies … it needs lights and a bit of a revamp, so that could take most of the winter…we will see.

As the weather has become fairly grey and bleak and my millionaires all think there’s not much to do in their gardens over the winter I get to have a bit more time during the week. My poor eroded body is very pleased about this and now, as I have the sculpturing bug, that all fits in fairly well.

It’s gonna be Prototypes all the way so I expect a fair number of Fails along the way….. but I have, at last, A Cunning Plan…



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4 responses to “Hands like a brickie …

  1. If you are able to “shift copy” your tree, I would be very interested in obtaining one from you :)

  2. @ Tranq… excellent. I think there are one or two people interested. If only it were Iwz easy … instead of plaster, silicon, resin, paint …LOL …:))

  3. Maeve

    I believe you can pull off the transplantation of ‘soror-ities’ to RL. There are a handful of premier juried craft shows in the states and a few formal mega-gardens here. Just thinking out loud again, but maybe these could be part of a marketing strategy… let’s talk.

  4. I look forward to seeing your second RL tree, the first is delightful. But be careful, that rl art stuff can become an addiction….I speak from experience.

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