Percentage Con.

Yep, it’s the Premium Membership,  actually the New Improved Premium Membership. Celebrating the Launch of the Premium Membership…. 50% Discount… really?? well, no actually. Like all these cons, otherwise known as advertising, you have to read the small print… “This limited-time discount offer is available only for memberships on the Quarterly billing plan. Discount will be applied to the first quarterly billing cycle only and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price. To qualify, Second Life members must have an active Basic account or create a new Second Life account. Discount offer begins on Monday the 21st of November at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) and expires on Monday the 28th of November 2011 at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST).”

So…if I work this out right… $75 divided by 4 (quarters) is $18.75 per quarter unless you live outside the USA where sales tax is collected by the Lindens on behalf of your Government. 50% of $18.75 is, obviously $9.37. That is actually 12.5% discount by my calculations…

It would be possible for the Lab to advertise a 95% discount on membership if they stated in the small print that that applied to the first X number of days (can’t be bothered doing the maths, but you get my drift.)

So, the new membership is exactly the same as the old membership as far as I can see.  Free house, which I don’t need, along with furniture I would not be seen dead on.. and… let’s see…

  • A personal and private home [yukk]
  • Sign-up bonus!**[ $3 … don’t get excited]
  • Immediate access to Adult-only areas  [I get this with age verification anyway]
  • Expanded support, including Live Chat [ha!… a rant follows….]
  • Exclusive mainland building rights  [is this the sandboxes..?]

Now… the Expanded Support…. well, several other people have already mentioned the total lack of any support whatsoever as it seems to be most people’s experience that after 6 days you get an email saying how sorry they are that it’s taken so long and would you please file a Ticket.

The customer support that the Lab gives is the worst of any company I trade with, bar none.

Rodvik has run out of time, the honeymoon period where we all thought ..’oh, let’s wait and see … he might be just what we need’  is over…. by a long chalk. The amount of money they say they are earning, the size of staff they have or could afford, the fact that they are aware they have a problem….all these factors mean to me that they are not going to do anything to improve the situation and are happy to let it continue as it is while saying the words about how they are “working towards improving the situation”….. “please be patient with us we are just a poor struggling little company”..etc etc.. vomit.

Lies seem to be tolerated far more than they used to be. I realise this is a generalisation but I have lost track of how many times I have heard either politicians or CEOs say the infamous words “lessons have been learned”. Platitudes, half-apologies, spin all used to be called lies.

Promoting a 50% discount on membership is a con. Its a 12.5% discount. Tell the truth it wont kill you!

The whole idea of a sale is stupid anyway … but then we know the Boys have some of the poorest business acumen it is possible to pool into one building and still survive.

Lying is not a business plan.




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9 responses to “Percentage Con.

  1. As a paying Premium member for the last three years, I have yet to see one “premium” gift, or my Linden Home, or any of the other junk. despite many nice requests and pleas, I still don’t have a Sparkle Pony, although I’ve never had a problem getting a Linden Bear from any other Linden (if I wanted one). The area of the Linden Endowmen for the Arts reeks of incestuous horse manure. I agree; the bloom is off the Rodvik rose.

    Watching the sales figures, the loss of private islands/sims and the degredation of the asset servers (shifting/wobbling textures, terraforming and sculpties) and the hilarity that is mesh conflicts with the Rosey-Dale propaganda being broadcast by LL.

  2. It’s a 50% discount on your first quarter. Your calculations assume a 1 year premium membership paid in 4 quarter installments. Is it really true that if you signup for a quarterly membership then you have to renew for the following 3 quarters as well ? If not, then it seems fair to advertise it as a 50% discount. If not then why stop at 1 year – after 10 years of quarterly payments this discount would amount to only a 1.25% discount. I just think you like to criticize Linden Lab.

    I actually do not recommend the quarterly plan even with a 50% discount unless you are just wanting to check out premium benefits for a quarter then go back to Basic (hey! you just got a 50% discount as advertised!). I recommend the annual plan as it is cheaper and benefits LL more so win-win.

    My experience with Support has been fair to good. Certainly nothing like what you describe. The free furniture is actually quite nice. The cost of annual premium membership minus the weekly stipend and signup bonus is really quite reasonable for 512 sq m tier free. I would do it just to support LL. Finally, your consistent referral to LL as “the Boys” is old and tired.

    I like it when you inform us about art, events, or cool stuff but I don’t really get why you are so pissed at LL.

  3. As I also have been premium for quite a while I would appreciate more prims or even 1024 sqm instead of 512 sqm land with free tier. As the competition from other grids has been increasing they have to meet that competition with more than furnitures i believe… Techie still SL is superior but it may not be enough.

  4. Ed Hinterland

    We all know one has to be very careful when dealing with LL.

    I used to “own” Linden land, until I realised I actually owned nothing at all, yet I paid quite a sum for the monthly tier. In 2009 I met MarmelaGramela Doesburg who runs a small rental company called OnArt, to which I have been faithful for over 2 years. You buy the plot of land for L$ 0, there is no covenant, and the monthly tier is much lower than average. And when you want to move, you don’t have to sell your land, all you have to do is ask Marm to find you another plot, and she always comes in person to help you.

    I also used to have a Premium account, and I did not see any advantages to it, contrary to what LL says. At the time the “free” home was not included in the package. I once sent a ticket for an urgent problem I had to deal with, and I received an answer… 18 days later. The answer was that I should change my computer to a more powerful one !

    Lastly, SL is full of that ugly “furniture I would not be seen dead on” (lol). Let’s work to eradicate the epidemics !

  5. hey ed! what happened to the WERK gallery?

  6. re. support
    It tends to run hot and cold. When you can actually get someone’s attention on support chat and if they are in the right mood, they will actually come in world and be helpful. Otherwise support chat seems to be very scripted and usually ends with “submit a ticket”
    Ticket submission frequently just does not work! You can not get access to the system, or the page where you are supposed to enter the information does not work.

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