Weekend Stuff

Well, another week has come and gone. Wizzy’s new Klein Bottle was the highlight of my SL week, Miso took a good machinima of it….

Another example of builds that are only possible in Virtual Worlds. Well done the pair of you. I guess I shouldn’t mention the fact that TPing was a pain last week in SL for fear of being too critical but you would think that would be sorted after all these years.

My own personal news still revolves around Plaster of Paris, paper mache, and online shopping of various craft materials. Seems to me that the benefits of Virtual Worlds for sculptors is not really advertised enough, forget the damn vampires, it should be sculptors who are targeted. Having said that, however, I do love matter and my hands are far more talented than my index finger i.e. computers only require you have one good finger as better explained in this very interesting article about The Future.

Making moulds requires a very special type of 3D thinking, a reverse volume/void visualisation. I’m designing negative spaces which is quite taxing at times, but loads of fun …. not quite like the Klein Bottle, but a brain teaser too. Those of you wondering about 3D printing and reverse engineering … I can only say after extensive research that it is still both expensive and limited…best wait a few years.

I was happy to read this about the European Court of Justice rejecting piracy filters…. full story here…. Although it doesn’t mean that either the US or the UK will respect the findings, it does mean that Europe is taking a stand.

The occasional individual, as in this story, and increasingly Governments seem to be increasingly hostile to Facebook‘s No Privacy policy, and although Tor facilities and Identity Switching are still in their infancy, I expect this to be a growth industry over the next few years as ‘hacking’ becomes mainstream and anonymity a desirable asset. Google, the Evil One, tried to get my phone number this week.

Otherwise if you want to know just how bad the world’s finances are, read this, it sort of puts it all in perspective.. eek! …If you don’t wanna know…well…that’s fine ..look away now… [Time to buy a sack or two of rice (or grits)]… You’d never get an American paper printing that stuff…. the whole Euro Crisis is just a smoke screen to stop us talking about the Dollar Crisis.

List of who went overdrawn..: (where the trillions went)

Vietnam     Overdrawn by $1.0 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000)
Reagan       Overdrawn by $1.9 T
Bush snr.   Overdrawn by $1.5 T
Clinton       Overdrawn by $1.4 T
Bush jnr     Overdrawn by $6.1 T
Obama       Overdrawn by $2.1 T

Total          Overdraft now $15,900,000,000,000

It is, of course, gonna happen that politicians will spend anything to buy your vote … and they did. [Didn’t Bush do well.]

On a more creative note, while Rome burns…

You might like this…

It’s great to get other people’s take on creating, especially when it feels like you’re pushing a greased elephant up the stairs..

Have a great Sunday..




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4 responses to “Weekend Stuff

  1. Betty Tureaud

    a greased elephant LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

  2. Flora Nordenskiold

    good video!

  3. why does pushing a greased elephant up some stairs sound sexy to me? ^^

  4. @Wizzy …because you are a perv?

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