Spam, Virtual Hobbies and saggy boobs..

Well, I actually don’t like Captcha, I find it quite difficult to read the words sometimes and have to keep switching til I find something moderately legible.

Spam, in particular, trackback spam, however, is a royal pain in the butt. Some pondlife has been sending masses of stuff from an infinite number of email addresses recently and I changed the little Clipcha thingy to Captcha for a day or two to see if that helped. …it didn’t.

I have now put my self in the hands of Akismet to see if that helps…. maybe cleaning spam is just a daily chore that goes with the territory. I didn’t have much trouble before with Blogger, but it may have more to do with the number of visits I get than with the whole Blogger/Wordpress thingy. Any advice is willingly accepted…

All spam I get in my personal email Junk box I forward to in the naive hope that they know what to do with it… phishing emails I send to and hopefully the chap there will round up the criminals and roast them over an open fire…

In other news…I’ve been using the Firestorm Release for a couple of days now and it seems to be a very good viewer. It’s been fully reviewed a couple of other places so I won’t bother going into detail here… just that it suits me fine.

The ongoing Rolling Restarts, great name for a band, are rife in SL from now til Christmas, apparently the server software is being upgraded so could this be the Dawning of a New Era? Answers on a postcard, please.

The lady who was in charge of LL marketing, isn’t anymore. Kim Salzer has fled to greener fields maybe. Can’t really say she rocked my world while she was here, mind you. Those pet vampires didn’t catch on, did they?

Linden Realms, a game some girl says LL pinched off her, is due to go public today but as you’ll need a recent SL viewer to use it, I can’t see it being a major talking point. To find a portal just use the destination guide …. and report back.

I don’t really have much spare time to play stuff like that in SL, I normally build. Maeve, however, in a consortium of Hags, has taken to invading popular places with her witchy friends and causing a bit of chaos. She told be that perfecting saggy boobs has become a bit of a hobby for her. So we got to wondering about Virtual Hobbies…

What Virtual Hobbies do you/ have you participated in that we would like to hear about… or even not like to hear about??


Better than creating saggy boobs?




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  1. I get spammed like hell! Fortunately Akismet def blocks it for me. There must be a better way to block trackback and comment spam. Akismet may block but it’s not 100% protection.

    I would love to re-spam these idiots but it’s all bots n stuff.

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