Watching the wheels go round…

Rezzing RL prims takes absolutely ages but there’s a certain magic to it. Apart from the fact that they can’t get screwed up by the latest rolling restart as has happened to some inventories, there’s the magic of matter. I am a big fan of matter and have written previously of my love of alchemical symbolism and associated theology. It is, as Scotti so rightly said, fairly addictive too.

So, while I’ve been sitting here sanding plaster I have been keeping an eye on the news even though I haven’t been typing much stuff…. (sorry regular readers that I have been a little slack)…

From this side of The Pond I have been amazed recently by the number of loonies that seem to become senators. We, here in the UK, have just as many mentally deranged people per capita as the Americans, I’m sure…. however, there seems to something in the election process that prevents any of them even getting anywhere near Parliament.  Not so in the US it seems where the latest news about the NDAA in Wired where it looks like anyone could end up in Guantanamo without any hope of seeing daylight again. A more measured report, maybe, is here. Now, Carl Levin and John McCain are the sort of people who should never be let anywhere near power. Dr. Strangelove is, at this point in time, more like a documentary than fiction. My question is…how on earth did they get elected?

I briefly watched some other loonie christian fascist Rick Perry, spouting off on YouTube the other day too (3.5 million dislikes) …. where do they all come from? He’s a presidential candidate? God help US. Creationists…why aren’t they laughed out of the Senate?

A new chap is predicting the collapse of the dollar at CNN Money but he fails to realise that no American President will ever let that happen until the Chinese own America and put a stop to the unlimited credit facility. Unfortunately Fox Business News mouthpiece, Eric Bolling, doesn’t know how financially astute the Chinese are and looks like a complete Muppet with his latest comment.. “The Muppets are back and being terrorized by an evil oil executive in their new movie. Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as ‘evil,’ that’s not new’, We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, communist China?” …Hmmm…if you were you wouldn’t be $16,000,000,000,000 in debt I guess.

In SL news.. Xiola Linden emailed me …”Hello! As an experienced resident who has contributed to the community with your scripting skills, we think you may be a perfect candidate for participation in a Second Life alpha test!” Well, my scripting skills could be written on the back if a nano prim so I figure they got the wrong person there….

Inara Pey RB’ed (reblogged) Ciaran Laval on the hiding of a bit more technical information from users, this time it’s the BlueSteel, Magnum and Le Tigre RC channels. No one could disagree with her summary:
“Rodvik – I’ve asked before, and I’ll ask again – just what have you people at the Lab got against constructive, on-going engagement, using all the tools at your disposal, with your user community as a whole? Precisely when will we see the uptake in improved communications from the Lab you yourself promised us back in May of this year?

And… a little thing that I saw that might be of interest to those thinking of a new computer…a few old Macs on eBay that could be refitted with better bits I would guess… but I’m no expert…

Well, I’ll just carry on with my sandpapering, best that way, I guess.

Have a good weekend.




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7 responses to “Watching the wheels go round…

  1. With the excessive measures used against #Occupy, the current presidential candidates field and the (non)actions or sanctions placed on the men who have ruined this country’s financial base (bringing down everyone else with them), you can see where this is going, unfortunately. I propose the new National Anthem be “The Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    It’s astounding; Time is fleeting;
    Madness takes it’s toll.

    … still looking for a shepherd or groundskeeper’s position in Wales; preferrably way way up in the mountains. Or I’d consider Iceland – glacier herder.

    ps: when do we get in-process plaster pix?

  2. Yep….”The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum” would be OK too. …. maybe ” Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” would be more fitting….. while we are being crucified.

    I’d fight ya for the glacier herder job..:))

    In-process plaster pics…. hmmm …not sure……

  3. Maeve

    In-screwed-able old saying: in a democracy, one gets what one deserves. Sigh.

  4. Do you find it hard to work both on the rl and sl art realm at the same time? I’ve never been one to be great at multi-tasking, and have found it pretty hard to keep up art in both places. On the other hand, I can have a couple projects going at once, as long as they both are similar in nature.

  5. @ Scottius …Yes, I agree. Tho one of the main problems is how much time the RL sculpting takes….. if I didn’t concentrate on it, it would never be finished.

  6. Kandinsky Beaumont

    Yes maybe we get what we deserve but how did we/they get to the point of being so ignorant in the most information-rich times of all?
    I read this article in Guardian today and it made me still more depressed… no news perhaps and mostly about the UK but it goes for my country, Sweden, too and certainly for the US.

    It is all about the old, dirty capitalism mostly represented by men in power. As usual.

  7. @Kandinsky … I am continually amazed by how many so-called intelligent people believe what they read in newspapers and see on the TV. That it is not blatantly obvious to all that the media is owned by the elite strikes me as shocking. I guess some find it easier not to think for themselves.

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