The RL project so far….

Well, by popular demand I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what I’m doing in RL and why I am blogging and building so little online.

Now this actually looks like it has come further than it actually has. All of these prims need polishing..i.e. hours of filling little blemishes until they are perfect with perfect surfaces so that I can then build moulds for them.

There are at least 3 more prims to make , all quite small ones, and the egg shaped thing is just a former for the canopy. I will use it to build the canopy around. So after about 160 hours…still a long way to go.. The canopy is entirely experimental and I have no idea if it will work yet, so I’m saying little about it until it’s a success … or failure.

These are all made of plaster around Milliput (epoxy putty) and I am using emulsion paint as a sandable filler and then varnishing when it’s perfect.  The Milliput is not very strong and maybe not the best choice, but it doesn’t need baking so it’s fairly convenient. The clay that you bake in the oven is a bit of a bore because it goes floppy before it goes hard so it needs support in the oven.


…but as you will probably realise it’s going to be a Magoo-style birch on a rock with the roots trailing down into the water, around 18 inches high …  like a table lamp.

It is going to be lit from within with LED lights that are mains-powered through a transformer. The transformer will be at the wall plug, like christmas lights are normally.

…and, of course, it will have hand-painted soror textures….

Now to vacuum the computer again…..





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10 responses to “The RL project so far….

  1. wonderful soror! but we miss you inworld!

  2. Goose Wyliffe

    Maybe try using a metal armature under the Milliput to give it stregenth till it hardens…… 12 gauge wire should work….
    The project looks awesome so far can’t wait to see the finished piece

  3. Goose Wyliffe

    you could use wire mesh under it as well…

  4. Looks very cool. I admire both your clear artistic vision and the time commitment you’re making to realize it.

  5. I love the way your art is present both irl an in world <3 Cant wait to see it when finished!

  6. Thank you all. I hope to do a few trees, eventually. I’ll keep you informed of progress both positive and negative.

    @Goose, yes, that is a good suggestion, thx.

  7. You’ve come a long way, sis! I remember an earlier attempt that was nowhere near as polished and elegant as this. Mega-congratulations! And keep the progress reports and pix coming please :)

  8. Juanita Deharo

    So much more than just a pretty face. Go Soror!

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