Merry Yuletide..

Many thanks to all the people who have sent me presents and cards inworld I hope that your holiday is relaxed and entertaining. Luckily I don’t have some huge fowl to sacrifice in the oven this year, I have been invited to eat someone else’s. I am not really a massive party-goer and tend to do nothing festive at this time of the year, my best Christmases have been spent on tropical beaches with a spliff and a cocktail…but that’s all in the past now, it seems…. oh well.

The plague of TV cooking programmes this year, along with starving children and perfume adverts, has been enough to send me scuttling back to my plaster trees which are beginning to take shape. I expect to be playing with silicon rubber before the end of the year in an attempt to make moulds of all the various prims. I have taken delivery of my LED lights which are truly astounding. They are tiny and extremely bright so I think it’s all going to work out well…. eternal optimist…

I have previously written juletide posts around theology and the birth which newer readers may enjoy so I thought I would just touch on the old esoteric tradition of the Two Jesus Children… an idea which Rudolf Steiner promoted as a part of his work in Anthroposophy. I will not attempt to summarise the link, I leave it for those interested in such to explore further.

The time though, between the Kings and the Shepherds is this rather mystical 12 days. Ancient tradition has t that the dreams you have during the 12 nights correspond to the coming 12 months of the year indicating a sort of microcosmos of time in the larger time frame of the 12 months…. like a lemniscate with the smaller time loop turned in on the larger circle of the year. Time in retrograde.

It is the passing of the solstice that has the greatest effect on me though. The knowledge that the days are getting longer, that the darkness is receding, has an immediate effect on my outlook. Spring is a possibility now… [patience!!]

Anyway…have a great time and don’t let relatives get you down




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4 responses to “Merry Yuletide..

  1. Good advices! =)) Merry X-mas! <3

  2. Merry Christmas Soror and a happy new year. I love reading your blog!

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