It’s a mystery … to some…

The Q4 figures due out from LL have already been anticipated in NWN’s latest blog post where Hamlet predicts that there will have been no growth in 2010. This is in spite of the alleged 16,000 new users per day who download the viewer…. and is a ‘mystery’ to Hamlet… It’s not much of a mystery to his readers, however, nor to mine I would guess. The comments are many and long, mainly concentrating on the ‘first hour’ experience ….

A good point though has been made about retention of older users. No point in spending money and time attracting new users if your old ones leave because you have not given any incentive for staying… reduced tier for oldies?…. Hell is more likely to freeze over, I guess.

According to Daniel Voyager InWorldz hit 25,000 user on December 12th 2010 and today stands at 49,309 last time I looked…so that is more or less a 100% growth in the last year.

It seems that voice has been tested on InWorldz and Tranq is confident enough to predict that it will be coming to Iwz shortly. Some will welcome this even though it’s not my favourite tool.

Jim Tarber has the following to say “While alpha layers (invisibility layers), tattoo layers, and physics layers (e.g. bouncing bewbz) are mostly implemented in the viewers, there must also be support for them on the server end. For example, without server-end support, wearing of these three layers will not persist when logging back in. The layers may also “fall off” when making other appearance changes, teleporting, or crossing region boundaries (not sure about those). Also, lack of support for these additional layers seems to be tied to some of the bugs “ghost attachments” or other attachments showing up on viewers as “HUDs”. Alpha layers are very important to many content creators, especially those who make prim clothing like shoes and jackets, and those making avatars. So it’s a bigger problem than just the “shiny” of bouncing bewbz.” He thinks it will be sorted in two weeks..

Steady progress…

Now, as I said last year I have no intention of making 2012 predictions, trends will continue, one would imagine, so there’s really no point in predicting that. The unforeseen is, by definition, impossible to predict…. and as for “Best of…” it’s best to leave that can of meeroos alone.

As for myself I have had a very good year, I took part in an RL show in March, Transubstantiation at UWA in the spring, Midsummer Night’s show with Arte Libre, Creative Power thanks to Jeri at Twisted Isle, new blogsite [here] thanks to Google [now passing 90k visits] and, last but not least, Boogaloo at Split Screen.

I think my gaze has been a bit more ‘outward’ directed this year at RL and my ongoing attempt to export my tree/s is an interesting turn of events (altho I have made a previous attempt) and one which I will, no doubt, follow through to it’s logical conclusion……………. [ *digression* …on the tree-making news … I’m getting to a sort of ‘my-god-how-long-is-this-going-to-take’ stage, so a change from plaster to silicon as I start to make some moulds will be a bit of a relief next week, hopefully, on the basis of ‘a change is as good as a rest’].

I think there will be more interest in VW art this coming year from RL arts peeps, but that may be pure delusion… we will see.

This from last year…”So, if I have any prediction for 2011, apart from mesh falling flat and browser-based SL being a flop, it is that IWz slowly jogs past SL while it is asleep (or farming bunnies), like the tortoise and the hare.”

To which some optimist replied….”I like your analysis for the most part. Although you should really check out the mesh grid sometime, I doubt very much that after having seen the potential of mesh for yourself that you will continue to hold the view that it will be a “flop”. Mesh is like sculpts.. on speed.”





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7 responses to “It’s a mystery … to some…

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    Mesh can’t flop: it isn’t as flexible like a flexiprim :P

    And as one can imagine, the virtual sex toy makers are quite impotent with rage over this.

  2. Nur Ophuls

    I finally got the mesh enabled Phoenix and I’m glad I did – it improved everything else. And I got my first mesh dress – a little black number of which I have a few prim and sculpty versions. Forget about it. Not going to wear the mesh version.

  3. lulz. where can i get a can of meeroos? ^^

  4. teehee “can of meeroos” – is that like Spam or “potted meat”? I prefer freshly-prepared meeroo myself but I suppose canned would do in a pinch, like a nuclear war or camping.

  5. Voice, alpha layers, bouncing bewbs, tattoo layers, and fully rewritten inventory services will all be part of one big rollout slated after Jan. 1. Then the big one: physics starts being hammered on by Tranq.

    What happened to the meroo-q btw? Never did get that going ;)

  6. Canned Meeroo is available at all good Outdoor retailers under ‘Survival Rations’…. currently also stocked by the US Military for fueling their drones.

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