Fantasy Art Fest

Jeri Rahja, in conjunction with the Elven Clan, is organising a new Art Fest in InWorldz.

The admissions should be submitted by the 15th of January to Jeri Rahja and should be appropriate to the theme.

the full submission details are here…. send a notecard with…..

“Your Name:

Are you entering as an Experienced or a Novice Artists:

Your Team Name (if applicable – please name the individuals involved):

Your Gallery, Store or Service name:

Your Build concept (one paragraph description – for promotional purposes only)

Please send this completed notecard to Jeri Rahja and IM her to let her know you have sent her inventory.

The first 31 completed applications will be allocated plots.
Plus 4 water plots
Further completed applications received by midnight 15 January will be considered at the complete discretion of the organisers.
Only completed notecards will be eligible for allocation of a plot.
Only competed notecards received before midnight 15 January will be eligible for allocation of a plot.

Plots will be allocated on the 16th of January – and the group assignment/tag will be given out – building will be completed by February 3 rd.

Judging there after

Plots are 30 x 30 each area may utilize 900 prims height may go as high  you must utilize a TP from Zauber

Please remember this is Fantasy and this is a PG Sim  and abide by the rules of a PG sim of the Elven Clan …  with saying this should you  have any questions – with regards to your creation – please contact Jeri Rahja  – before you start your build – because should it not met the criteria of the Elven Clan – I am sorry to state the art work will be elminated from the Fest and will be removed.

Chair Person  Jeri Rahja
Co Chair – Snoots Dwagon

Script  Police – Zauber Paracelsus

This is a juried art fest  we do have 3 qualified Judges

1) quadrapop tree
2) Jayjay Zifanwe
3) Velazquez Bonetto

Our publicists will be Nazz Lane and Braiwinde Magic

Head Of Entertainment – Sunbeam Magic”

So, if you are feeling a bit Fantasy/Elven, let Jeri know and join us there…






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3 responses to “Fantasy Art Fest

  1. Though I do enjoy all art, I think that fantasy art is what really drew me into exploring the possibilities of virtual worlds. After visiting some fantasy regions around InWorldz last night, I can’t wait to see what pops up in this festival!

  2. @ Tranquillity ..Yep, it is certainly what I expected to see when I arrived first in VWs and was shocked at how little there was compared to poor RL copies … that got me started…

  3. very cool and i hope it sees a large participation and large audience

    i hope you post gobs of photos of it =)

    (maybe an InWorldz art group on Flickr?)

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