Sense and non sense stuff

Will commonsense prevail? That seems to be a possibility as a lot of those previous SOPA supporters now seem to be starting to jump ship. With excuses like “having consulted those in the industry…”  something any sane person would have done before the knee-jerk reaction to the ‘suffering’ [AKA greedy] film industry got their claws into you, fools! This might, of course, be premature, my celebrating logic over greed, but there is no doubt that voter pressure is what has made the difference. The longer people have to think about it and tell the politicians what a crap idea it is, the less likely it is that it will happen. More here… keep the pressure up though…

It seems like January 18th has been marked out as a protest day online against SOPA. Some sites, Reddit, and now Cheezburger will take down their sites for a day to show how the internet could be broken by SOPA. A voluntary blackout, partial so far….

In the UK it will become illegal for ‘free’ schools to preach creationist theories instead of evolution which is of course a small step in the right direction… I guess I was heartened by the news about the creationists and hope that there is still a core of rational folks around.

“No school, free or otherwise, will ever be allowed to teach creationism instead of valid and thoroughly evidenced scientific theories. The Education Secretary has been crystal clear that teaching creationism as scientific fact is wrong. He will not accept any academy or free school proposal which plans to teach creationism in the science curriculum. All free school proposals are subject to due diligence checks by the new specialist unit within the Department for Education to ensure that people that are setting up the school are suitable. Valid and thoroughly evidenced scientific theories, such as evolution, will always be the foundation of science teaching in all schools in England.”

Not that this is the only stupidity flying around, but at least it’s one finger in the dyke [no LGBT pun intended].

Drones and mass detention centres still worry me. It seems that no one knows how many drones are spying on us, or, if they do then they certainly aren’t telling….. and although the US seems to be at the forefront of this drone bonanza, the UK has its drones too.

Not that the UK military offers free hardware to all the police forces (I hope, what do I know?) like it does in the States. Free hardware obviously encourages escalation and militarisation of the police. But then the Occupy WallStreet movement has demonstrated that the Government has reason to be worried about the population they believed they could ride rough-shod over. We can organise too.

There is space for 2 million detainees in US concentration camps, but then Haliburton always get the best contracts…. and prison labour does help keep costs down now that slaves are illegal. However, all these preparations “can’t stop an idea whose time has come”…

Virtual World news… well, I got a very long and detailed news letter today from 3rd Rock Grid which I did manage to plough my way through without retaining much of the data…seems like a general upgrade. They like many other grids are now implementing Vivox voice and generally having a spring clean.

InWorldz‘z code chompers extraordinaire Tranq et al have been busy too… full report here from Ele…. though she’s keeping something up her sleeve for the Vegas meet.

Nice image of InWorldz tweeted by Tranq at Wizzy’s request…

Hope you have a great weekend, I’m making resin support moulds for 3 moulds which I hope to have finished for Monday, I’m using Jesmonite… not so smelly and no VOC’s…. 3 down, just another 5 moulds to go… all good so far, tho…




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3 responses to “Sense and non sense stuff

  1. Tranq identified my Inworldz sim server. It is that one down there in the rack on the bottom to the far left – the one with the 5 1/4 inch floppy disc drive.

  2. they’ll have to pry my punch cards from my cold dead hands!

  3. :)) …. punch cards… :))

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