How I spent my Weekend

Lots of mixing and lots of rezzin resin.

3 moulds done,  about 6 or 7 to go still.




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8 responses to “How I spent my Weekend

  1. When in doubt, use a jar of paste as drying stand. :)

  2. When I first read Scotti’s comment, I thought he wrote “a jar of pesto.” (I just had to share that!)

  3. Hmmm… pesto and paste…. :))

    Broke the one mould opening it so a bit of repair work needed for next weekend. This resin is quite brittle … you live and learn. :))

  4. Maeve

    i can just hear the sputtering … imagined sputtering… quite colourful :-)

  5. Wise eru gerðir sem læra að mikilvægt er ekki verður að fá forgang þeirra .
    Upplýst ákvörðun -gerð kemur frá langa hefð giska og þá ásaka aðra fyrir ófullnægjandi niðurstöðum .

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