Newt is a form of pondlife.

I confided to a friend that I was worried I may be turning into one of those sad people that spend 10 years of their life making a scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks making sure every rivet was correctly placed to reflect the original construction. This because of the endless (seemingly) hours I am using to complete this lampscape project which I am probably only half-way through.

Their response was, well, you may be a little eccentric but you aren’t as mad as someone who calls their son “Newt”. Which is probably true, I wouldn’t call my daughter “Frog” either. Pondlife is not really a good source of inspiration for child-naming, in my humble opinion.

So the multimillionaire pondlife nominee who supports child labour and hates health care, gay marriage and abortions will be celebrating tonight while I stare at resin. Such is life.

My problems this week have stemmed from my trying to cast a wax former for my canopy using parafin wax which, because it shrinks when it dries, pulls the rubber mould away from the support mould and creates a dent. I have since found out that beeswax doesn’t shrink, so Amazon is sending me what I need.

On the positive side … my own pondlife, pitcher plants and water lillies, have been progressing although I haven’t yet settled on a final design for the lilly flower. I poured a first trial pour of the tree trunk with some very smelly clear resin which is cheaper than the Gedeo crystal resin and trialed some paints … so things are slowly moving forward.

It seems that the Royal Academy needs an entry form, including photos by the 13th of March, so that is a bit of a deadline, but not one I am going to stress out about too much. Things take the time they need.

The gallery also wants to know about flammability and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), information which I have been trying to get from the manufacturers with, mostly, little success. As there is also a restriction on ‘dangerous electrical components’, I am glad I have gone for the 12 volt LED solution as that is about as safe as it gets. I am still unsure if they will accept my piece …  the only way of finding out is to submit it.

So … that’s about it. My room is gradually filling with parts of moulds and chemical substances and the vacuum cleaner is filling up with bits of resin and dust of diverse origin.

Psychologically I am at that half-way point where you start to wonder about your sanity but know that things will turn out OK in the end. I maybe need to go and watch some TV and pour a large drink. It’ll all be here still on the morrow.

Have a good Sunday.





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7 responses to “Newt is a form of pondlife.

  1. Yeah, it must be tough being a Republican voter these days . . . choosing between a Mit, a Newt or a Santorum. I’m betting on fifth place Stephen Colbert as the dark horse.

    I really feel your pain related to the trials involved in shifting from digital to physical art. I’ve been working on a (still secret) project that involves hunting down dozens of odd-ball props and building dioramas. I could have approached this same project using a virtual world and probably put it together over a weekend, but for some reason my virtual Muse is demanding satisfaction through the physical world. Oh well.

  2. @ Botgirl .. thanks. It is such a slow process this physical world but matter does allow for some very accurate and detailed adjustments that appeal strongly to the perfectionist lurking just below my carefree exterior. I like the permanence too.

    Look forward to seeing your secret project.

  3. *That* Newt is not allowed in my pond…change comes slowly, but as a friend says whenever he hears an ambulance go by “that’s one of them leaving this world or one of us coming into it.” He claims that what is now called Conservatism in the US is not a political problem…it’s an actuarial one.

    As someone who would have been considered right-wing in the 1970s, that realization always makes me grin.

  4. Be careful to work with adequate ventilation otherwise you will meet the Machine Elves in person:

  5. re. flammability and VOC’s. what you need are the MSDS data sheets. US companies and distributors are required to provide these for free, usually on line. Look for a MSDS number on the box.

  6. @ Iggy … that’s a cool way of looking at the problem.

    @ Wizzy …. Yep, I value my few remaining brain cells too much to be careless..

    @ Shug .. thx for the tip, I will check that out. My main problem is with a French company, currently, but maybe I’ll switch manufacturers if that makes my life easier.

  7. i’d call my daughter Frog in a second! but i’m partial to frogs =)

    well if you are a sad person making matchstick stuff, i’ll proudly consider myself the same! =)

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